Hi @sunildubey02

Welcome to the forums. For me personally, I’d prefer to keep discussions open and public on the forums, instead of via email. This way we can share knowledge and help ALL new users.

You say your card is 24 mh/s per card. This depends entirely on which coin you are mining. Using your stats, I can only assume you’re mining Bitcoin or another SHA-256 currency.

Feathercoin was originally developed with the Scrypt encryption algorithm (Just like Litecoin) - Feathercoin wanted to stay ASIC resistant. Meaning we still wanted people to mine with their Graphics cards (Like you!)

So the developers changed the algorithm from Scrypt to NeoScrypt.

I did a quick google and it looks like 1x 1060 GTX can do around 650 Kilo Hashes a second of NeoScrypt mining.

So your 6 cards will do 3900 Kh/s

To mine FTC on windows 10 you need to download a NeoScrypt CCMiner miner for nVidia cards.


I hope this helps.