Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

working on new exchanges

  • | Tip kelsey

    Be working on getting new exchange listings for feathercoin. Think I have freebitcoins.com/xchange/ onboard, if they list can we see some support from the ftc community 🙂

  • | Tip duff_lesterny

    @kelsey Hi, Thank you for working on exchange listing. At this stage we have already several exchanges. One main being BITTREX and few other small like CREX24, Altilly, … Unless you find ticket for big exchanges, I don’t think that is is useful to be listed on small exchange whereby there is less than 1$ volume per day. It is not credible.
    If you need technical assistance, please come on our telegram channel.

  • | Tip kelsey

    I respectfully disgree, freebitcoins.com has been around many years and the owners are well respected in the crypto community. the xchange part is just starting up., and they have to start somewhere. Big plus is they won’t trade in fiat. Nowadays exchanges have spread too many alts across many exchanges making it difficult to trade older coins like ftc., so alts need to be on as many as possible.

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