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\[ANN\] Coin Gas Steam Store - Wonderful Weekends

  • | Tip fendlestick

    Hi Community

    My new store is on-line and accepts FTC for steam game codes, you can check it out at - [url=http://www.coingas.com/index.php?currency=FTC]www.coingas.com[/url]

    Growing catalogue of games, Indie titles and DLC. 1-Click checkout with no personal information required. Features to request a game or report a steam sale to get the same discount.

    Prices, sales and availability are based of the UK Steam catalogue.

    Thanks for reading my announce!

  • | Tip Simkill

    Looks cool! Have bookmarked ๐Ÿ™‚

  • | Tip fendlestick

    [quote name=โ€œiawgoMโ€ post=โ€œ14810โ€ timestamp=โ€œ1371221218โ€]
    Awesome! Hope that this will work as advertised. I might be a regular customer ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hi iawgoM,

    Yes it most definitely does work as advertised. Please be aware that I am based in the UK so night orders get processed in the morning GMT. The system isnโ€™t fully automated.

    That said, I have processed quite a few orders in my first week and am now tracking the steam sales more accurately. When you do choose to use my service I am sure you have a very pleasant experience.

    Added today are sales for The Witcher 2 Enhanced and Kerbal Space Program, saving 66% and 33% respectively.

  • | Tip fendlestick

    21/06 Weekend Sale prices.

  • | Tip fendlestick

    Bump for Activision sale weekend! Check us out!


  • | Tip fendlestick

    Bumpity bump for whats above ^^

  • | Tip jray80066

    Looks pretty good bookmarked!

  • | Tip fendlestick


    Steam Autumn Sale prices are now being tracked, itโ€™s a great weekend to pick up a game as most titles are over 50% off.



  • | Tip Vicros

    Added the website to my favorites , any idea on how long the "down"time will last ?

  • | Tip fendlestick

    Back online today, ready for a new set of weekend sales tomorrow. Sorry for the down time, taking coins is risky business and the Autumn sale was a little to popular, I have a limited budget to run the service and the Steam sales ate two months budget in the first two days :o, as the margins are tight I cant just cash out the coins to re-fill the budget as Bitcoin being Bitcoin decided to drop in price the day after.

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