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FTC Wallet Client incentive to keep open and running

  • | Tip goldbit89

    Another interesting idea that i thought of consists of an incentive to keep FTC wallet client open and running at all times to help keep a healthy network and active connections.
    I guess sorta like proof of stake in terms of keeping it open but maybe a different kind of incentive reward.

    Some ideas for incentive reward:

    Special FTC titles(monthly,quarterly,yearly)
    Extra FTC ( but then falls in line of proof of stake) so not sure on this
    Special Exclusive features in wallet,miner,marketplace etc.
    Special FTC Exclusive “parking” (all monthly transactions the following month of winning entitles feathercoiner to no transaction fees-or already paid for–where funds come from could/would be an issue)

    and i am sure this list can go on and on.

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