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    [quote name=“fawkesy” post=“24514” timestamp=“1375704966”]
    Hello all, GirlFawkesy here, I decided it was time to stop lurking.

    I’ve been a feathercoin supporter pretty much since the beginning. I’m holding a few thousand of them (was, cashed out at 200 and waiting to buy back in once this pump is over) and I mine 50-100 of them a day usually.

    I was originally not going to post this here as I did not want it to be received poorly. That being said, I saw another girl posting in the forums regarding camwhoring for FTC and she got sort of a mixed to positive response.

    Some of you may know me already as a mod for reddit.com/r/girlsgonebitcoin and reddit.com/r/girlsgonelitecoin.

    To that, [url=http://reddit.com/r/girlsgonefeathercoin]reddit.com/r/girlsgonefeathercoin[/url] now exists. Currently it is blank, though this could change if the community supports it. I know that in general you’re in favor of “new services” for feathercoin, but at the same time, I wanted to make sure this was kosher with everyone before I went ahead with it.

    Let me know your thoughts either way.

    In short, would the feathercoin community be interested in a girlsgonefeathercoin filled with pics of me and my girlfriend enjoying ourselves? If so, I will make it happen and invite any and all feathercoin camwhores to join.

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    Hello, I am looking to move into adult content do you record your shows? I am looking for resellers to self publish. If your interested in selling pre-recorded show for FTC, let me know.

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    I don’t. To be honest this is more of a hobby for me than an occupation.

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    There goes the neighborhood. 😉

  • Regular Member | Tip Markus11

    Isnt there more than enough xxx content available in the www for free???

    sample pics?

    Kevlar … looks like a job 4u;-)

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    [quote name=“Markus11” post=“24728” timestamp=“1375848625”]
    Isnt there more than enough xxx content available in the www for free???
    [/quote]I’m going to go out on a limb here in regards to knowing [i]far more[/i] about this sort of thing than I should, but here it goes: there is value in telling someone to do something on your behalf.

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    If you want samples simply check the reddit links I gave.

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    I don’t know what you envision for the future of FTC, but if you think that this sort of thing has any place in it at all, maybe instead of just leeching some sample pics, you throw some enticement these ladies’ way. I had a short message with Fawkesy and apparently there’s not been any sort of contributing to the subreddit at all. And after what I read on Cassie’s twitter about jackass 9gag anons screwing up her show when she advertised here, I mean, we got two strikes here, folks. Maybe some attention needs to be given to this? A little?

    [quote]Why don’t you just do it?[/quote]

    I, uh, suppose I could ask and pay for a SFW shot or series, if it’d even be worth it to her.

    Uh. Um. Yeah.

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