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Feathercoin dot ORG / NET / INFO Domains Hacked!

  • | Tip cryptocat

    Hi guys,

    I know I’m new here, but the reason I joined the forum was specifically to make this post. I don’t know if any of you have noticed but the feathercoin.org / feathercoin.net and feathercoin.info domains appear to have been hacked with a redirection to some really obscene porn stuff.

    Anyway, it doesn’t look good. I for one want to see FTC become a success story as I have invested in the coin. So, is there any way this can be sorted out by someone with the appropriate skills and knowledge?

    Many thanks, I just thought I would bring it to the attention of the forum.

  • | Tip ShadowEW

    Hi and welcome to the forums cryptocat, unless justabitoftime or someone else gets into contact with the domain provider(s) I doubt anyone can do anything.
    (Please go to your thread in the General Category to continue)