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Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.2

Hi All

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    New user here, my name’s Stefan and I’m a small time miner.
    Got to Bitcoin much too late, mined some Litecoin, but was looking for something less established to try and support from early days. Guess I kind of missed that too here, but the atmosphere seems beter here than some other places, so I hope I can stick around.

    Catch you on the forums.


  • | Tip ShadowEW

    Hi Stefan and welcome to the Feathercoin.com forums.
    You’ve not missed anything quite yet, we’re just trundling our way through a rough difficulty patch and it WILL drop back down after then. Of which you should have quite the pleasant mining experience with us. ^_^

  • Regular Member | Tip aysyr

    Hi spynappels, welcome to the Feathercoin community! Yea I got to Bitcoin way too late… ironically, the same time I decided to invest in LTC, everyone else jumped on board while I was waiting for my mining rig parts -.- so safe to say I pretty much got into that too late too. However, I do believe Feathercoin is a sleeping giant, so I think we all made a good decision getting on its boat.

  • | Tip hadriansilver

    You are not too late! I just got here a few days ago and already feel like part of the movement!

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