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[GUIDE] CGMiner Errors and Troubleshooting:

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    Disclaimer: I’m not a wizard at cgminer; this is just my personal experience and problems that I encountered. If anything is incorrect or if there are more errors and solutions, please post it!

    Ok lets get started.

    CGminer Crashes immediately:

    • If CGMiner flashes the command screen and disappears immediately then, chances are, you haven’t installed the APP SDK. If you have, then try another version of cgminer. Yep, this is what I found out:

    ~ 690xx cards will not work with anything above cgminer 3.1 | compatible APP SDK includes version 2.5
    ~ 79xx cards will work with the newest version of cgminer | compatible APP SDK includes 2.8

    (Driver versions, do not seem to have much of an impact, so I use the latest.)

    Error HW (Hardware errors)

    • If there is a number other than 0 next to “HW” (like in the picture above), you have hardware errors. This is normally caused by a thread concurrency setting that’s too high or a too low of an intensity. So decrease one or increase the other. This is bad because it means you aren’t actually solving shares, and your card is generating bad shares.

    Error Invalid Nonce:

    • Chances are if you see this error, then you are using a non-compatible version of cgminer or maybe you need to roll back your AMD APP SDK or you have conflicting drivers from an unclean uninstall.

    Error 5: failed Enqueuing kernel:

    • This means you aren’t mining which is bad. It is the result of your computer not having enough system ram. pretty weird huh? Basically get more system ram, or lower the thread concurrency setting. **(Linux systems do not have this issue, and this fix only works on some systems)
      NOTE: When uninstalling drivers, please uninstall completely via AMD catalyst. Then, run driver sweeper. AND search for, and remove, all atiocl*, and amdocl*, and OVDecode* files on the system, normally in the System32 folder.

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    Great info!

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    Nice good job :).

    Added your post to the starterkit:

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    What about if cgminer causes your driver to crash and then stops hashing? It randomly happens to me right now.

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