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Time wrarp testing

  • Regular Member | Tip groll

    someone is actually testing again to time warp FTC look between 89980 and 89992. the 30 min in front seems to work as expected. Need to see if this has effect, I don’t have time to analyse it now 😞

    since not on retarget it has no impact just need to follow to see if they can get a retarget and how it affect it. but should be very limited

  • Regular Member | Tip ghostlander

    I see 13 blocks (#89980, #89982, #89985, #89986, #89990, #89991, #90067, #90069, #90074, #90075, #90082, #90086, #90088) with their time stamps moved into the future up to 30 minutes. +8.7% difficulty retarget at #90090 due to a significant network hash rate increase. We know at least the bad guys are watching us still.

  • | Tip Bushstar

    Interesting stuff, we had not seen any attacks for a small while before the last hard fork and I found this a bit worrying. I want to know that we are worth attacking 🙂