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WTS $100 iTunes giftcard for FTC

  • | Tip ftc_dds

    Hey everyone,

    I’m new to the forum and wanted to try and get some feathercoin. I have a 100 dollar itunes gift card that I got over the summer from purchasing a macbook pro so figured I’d see if anyone was interested. I’m located in NYC (Manhattan) so if you also live in the city we could meet up to do the transaction. If anyone is interested please let me know.

    It seems like FTC is worth about $.20 at the moment so maybe 500FTC in exchange for the gift card? If anyone is interested let me know 🙂

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Hi there great idea selling gift cards for FTC. Maybe you could put it on the market as well at [url=http://market.feathercoin.com]market.feathercoin.com[/url] as you also get the benefit of escrow.

    Good luck 🙂

  • | Tip ftc_dds

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’m still new to the forum and learning but I will be sure to add it there 🙂