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Do you need to optimice the size of your PNG images?

  • | Tip Anillos

    There is a tool called PNGout. It’s useful for web developers, because it decreases the size of PNG files (lossless) and cuts down bandwidth usage. PNGout it’s a console tool, and maybe You don’t know how to use it.

    If You don’t how to use it and you want to spend some FTCs, I can optimize the size of PNG files for you.

    Send me some files or a URL link, and I will tell you how much you can save before starting the work.

    The file “ftc-small.png” (the feather logo) can be reduced from 5637 to 2854 bytes (49.3% less). OK, 2.7 kb is not too much, but sites with greater images and lots of them can save a lot of bandwidth, because It could be lots of image loads.