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SELLING: Tshirt with cryptocoin logo ! Made to order !

  • Regular Member | Tip prensel

    Hello all,

    I’m selling t-shirts (option for long sleeves also) with a cryptocoin logo on the front or back, your choice.

    I have logos for FTC, LTC and BTC.

    Logos will be computerized cut from first class vinyl or flock material and professionally heat transferred on quality cotton tshirt.
    Several colors to choose from.

    Payment ONLY in FTC, LTC or BTC

    Price: € 15,- equivalent amount to be paid in cryptovalue of your choice.

  • | Tip mirrax

    I suggest you to list your shirts on market:

    I doubt anybody will buy something from guy with 2 posts directly…there is build-in escrow working on FTC market

  • Regular Member | Tip prensel

    Thanks for the reply, didnt know about the FTC Market though.
    Will put them on there 🙂
    Its no major business to me, just something to have available for sale to FTC/LTC owners.