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Looking to buy ftc with usd through credit card or paypal

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    I’m wanting to buy ftc without having to go through a payment processor website like payza or whatever, where I would have to set up a whole new account. I also don’t want to have to buy btc and then exchange that to ftc. Is there a website where I can directly buy ftc with usd, and use either paypal or a credit card right on the site?

    I was looking at crypto-trade which does seem to accept paypal, cryptsy which seems under development? and coinmkt which I couldn’t find much info on from their website.

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    Thanks but I don’t live in the UK

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    Coinbase is your best option.


    Then trade it on an exchange. If that’s not acceptable, then you’re not an early adopter, which is fine, and I’ll just sell them to you at 10x the price in a few years when such services are more common.

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    why can’t feather coin have something like Dogecoin has. I seen this website now i have no experience with it so far but i might try it just to see if its legit. [url=https://www.dogefordollars.com]https://www.dogefordollars.com[/url] IF there is a site like this for feathercoin please do feel free to let me know i am sure i will not be the only one who would be happy here in the USA

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