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[ANN] Link is live: http://blockchain-link.com

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    For those of you who have been following the discussion here: [url=http://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php/topic,5663.0.html]http://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php/topic,5663.0.html[/url]

    You’re probably aware that a revolution is occurring right before your eyes.

    The Satoshi blockchain protocol has revolutionized how we transact and exchange our value, bringing the control of our currency into the hands of the common, and created a global consensus in a trustless environment on how we agree to do business with each other. This feat is nothing short of a modern marvel, and is potentially the most disruptive technology that has been invented since the internet.

    You’re members of a community that is rallied around a currency because you believe it will bring about change in this world, and you want to be a part of that change. Today, you can consider the world changed because of your efforts. What started with an off-handed comment blossomed into a project that was deceptively simple to build, yet profound in it’s implications of which many are yet to be discussed. People literally came out of the woodwork and put their money where their mouth is to support the implementation of an idea that they believed worth investigating on little more than my shaky promise to give it my best shot. They spent hours debating it’s finer points, contributing design and constant support to push forward it’s arrival. In less than a month it went from idea to reality, and in doing so you validated the model of crowdfunding small projects to completion. You all should be recognized as pioneers in a new model of entrepreneurship.

    Of course, the journey isn’t over. In fact, it’s just begun. I’ve decided this model works SO well that I’m going to be doing a lot more of it. To increase transparency, I’ve allotted a section of the site for tracking your contributions, and I’m allowing you to decide what gets built next. It even updates in real time without you having to refresh the page.

    And so I present you the future that hopefully you will choose to invest in, not just with your coins, but with your time and imaginations, your forum posts, your ideas, your art, your design, your code, your skills, and your love.


    You built this, and together we can continue to build it into the future. May Satoshi have mercy on my soul, for I know not what will happen as a result.

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    I put a link to this topic in the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit.

    Grab on to something, folks. It’s about to get really interesting.

    Kevlar, congrats to you for providing the machinery necessary to turn the world on it’s head. Keep at it, I hope you become the most sought after consultant in crypto. I’ll be buying that first pizza and beer.*

    Everyone, there’s very important short range and long range implications to this. Let’s not turn it into a speculative OMG FTC 2 DA MOON even though we feel it; digital life as we know it has begun to change.

    *Sent! Have a good celebration tonight, Kevlar! You deserve it!

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    Fantastic job Kevlar, its a privilege to witness the beginning of something which has far such reaching implications.
    Crypto currency is about taking back control of our money and Link opens the same avenue to all manner of other things.
    I have no idea what’s going to happen but the possibilities are intriguing, one way or the other 2014 is going to be very interesting.

    I will send some ftc towards your work when i return home from the holdays in a few days.

  • | Tip Tuck Fheman

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Happy new year!

  • | Tip Horizon

    Kevlar - Donation sent. 100 FTC. Thank you kind sir 🙂

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    Wow, thats so mint, I can’t think of anything important enough to put in first!

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    [quote name=“Horizon” post=“48799” timestamp=“1388535322”]
    Kevlar - Donation sent. 100 FTC. Thank you kind sir 🙂

    +1 rep
    That’s why I love this community 🙂

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    INTERNET 2.0

  • | Tip null

    This. [url=http://blockchain-link.com/#future]http://blockchain-link.com/#future[/url]

    Love it. I’m speechless. Truly remarkable. We have become digital pioneers.

    Thank you Kevlar and the whole Feathercoin Community.

    We all deserve a +1 for this.

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    Very very nice, +1 rep

  • Regular Member Banned | Tip corather

    Pin this topic.

  • Regular Member | Tip BikerGSX

    Can’t wait for the crypto world reaction 😎

  • Regular Member | Tip Frozenace

    Oh, wow, that’s pretty cool.

    When you search feathercoin, you actually get a magnet link to the client itself 😉

  • Regular Member | Tip Frozenace

    I just donated 5 feathers to one of your sub-projects, happy new year.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Can I be the idiot newbie? as regards Magnetic Links and Torrents…

    Firefox doesn’t open KTorrent, when I click on a link?

    Is that just me and too much no script? If I have a file I want to make a link to, is there a how to do that? i.e. A “record” me and my mate made, for instance? I have the mp3 files…

    Do you want to make a < Link Support > Thread, in Support and I’ll Pin it to the top? for further technical suggestions problems?

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    This is amazing! Hopefully it will propel FTC into the spotlight!

    Donated 10 FTC to the streaming API - looks amazing!

    Well done Kevlar +1 Rep

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    This will go down in history as something that brought about global change in the human species as a whole to thrive and evolve.

    The internet, Satoshi blockchain and Link are steps towards ending censorship and to bring knowledge where it may be limited.

    What I’m trying to say is, when a certain crypto-currency (whatever coin that may be) becomes the dominating form of transaction, it limits people/nations from their exclusion from it. It would be like cutting themselves off from the USD in today’s world.
    If that coin has the Link feat, well Eric Schmidt doesn’t have to look any further.

    One has to think of the unimaginable when predicting the future. I’m just glad to be witnessing it first hand!

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    I put a post up in Bitcointalk. I noticed it had a mention on the official post, but it’s not been updated yet. I updated the info on there with a new bump and started a new topic.


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    +1 rep . Great job. 😎

    Continued efforts, we need to innovate .

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