Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

[ANN] Link is live: http://blockchain-link.com

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    Wow, thats so mint, I can’t think of anything important enough to put in first!

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    [quote name=“Horizon” post=“48799” timestamp=“1388535322”]
    Kevlar - Donation sent. 100 FTC. Thank you kind sir 🙂

    +1 rep
    That’s why I love this community 🙂

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    INTERNET 2.0

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    This. [url=http://blockchain-link.com/#future]http://blockchain-link.com/#future[/url]

    Love it. I’m speechless. Truly remarkable. We have become digital pioneers.

    Thank you Kevlar and the whole Feathercoin Community.

    We all deserve a +1 for this.

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    Very very nice, +1 rep

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    Pin this topic.

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    Can’t wait for the crypto world reaction 😎

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    Oh, wow, that’s pretty cool.

    When you search feathercoin, you actually get a magnet link to the client itself 😉

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    I just donated 5 feathers to one of your sub-projects, happy new year.

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    Can I be the idiot newbie? as regards Magnetic Links and Torrents…

    Firefox doesn’t open KTorrent, when I click on a link?

    Is that just me and too much no script? If I have a file I want to make a link to, is there a how to do that? i.e. A “record” me and my mate made, for instance? I have the mp3 files…

    Do you want to make a < Link Support > Thread, in Support and I’ll Pin it to the top? for further technical suggestions problems?

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    This is amazing! Hopefully it will propel FTC into the spotlight!

    Donated 10 FTC to the streaming API - looks amazing!

    Well done Kevlar +1 Rep

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    This will go down in history as something that brought about global change in the human species as a whole to thrive and evolve.

    The internet, Satoshi blockchain and Link are steps towards ending censorship and to bring knowledge where it may be limited.

    What I’m trying to say is, when a certain crypto-currency (whatever coin that may be) becomes the dominating form of transaction, it limits people/nations from their exclusion from it. It would be like cutting themselves off from the USD in today’s world.
    If that coin has the Link feat, well Eric Schmidt doesn’t have to look any further.

    One has to think of the unimaginable when predicting the future. I’m just glad to be witnessing it first hand!

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    I put a post up in Bitcointalk. I noticed it had a mention on the official post, but it’s not been updated yet. I updated the info on there with a new bump and started a new topic.


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    +1 rep . Great job. 😎

    Continued efforts, we need to innovate .

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    Really good job Kevlar, its awesome! 🙂

    Streaming API - Donation done 😉

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    Are there any practical examples embedded in the FTC block chain already?

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    [quote name=“ghostlander” post=“48945” timestamp=“1388604720”]
    Are there any practical examples embedded in the FTC block chain already?

    +1 I would also like to know…

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    [quote name=“wisefeather” post=“48959” timestamp=“1388612235”]
    [quote author=ghostlander link=topic=6518.msg48945#msg48945 date=1388604720]
    Are there any practical examples embedded in the FTC block chain already?

    +1 I would also like to know…
    Actually, I though why not test it myself, so there is an example now 🙂


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    this is actually bonkers. Out of control.

    So, correct me if I’m wrong - but no one can take anything down once it’s up there?

    Someone tell Rick Falkvinge, he’ll have a coronary (and buy a million feathercoins)

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    You all humble me with your continued support. I am grateful beyond measure.

    Status update:

    Well, Link seems to be functioning exactly as expected, which has allowed me to take a step back and think about the future while you all vote on what feature you most want to see next.

    I’ve now written 4 projects to work with crypto-currencies, each one using a slightly different approach (not to mention different languages!), and I have to say I REALLY like working in Coffee-script and NodeJS. So much so that I’ve decided to continue doing so.

    One of the problems that I’ve had to solve repeatedly is one of accounting: Who owns what. One approach that I’ve used in the past is it allow the blockchain to determine that, but that doesn’t allow for things like cold storage, which is kind of critical for large holdings.

    So I’ve started work on “CoinAccount”, which is cross-crypto-currency accounting package. This will be necessary to do the Twitter tip bot, as well as a few projects I’d like to consider down the line. The code is here: [url=http://github.com/TSavo/CoinAccount]http://github.com/TSavo/CoinAccount[/url]

    Basically the idea is this will allow developers to quickly and easily get started writing applications that lets users transact in multiple crypto-currencies, without having to do all the heavy lifting of interfacing with the QT client, creating a database to store all the accounting information, and worrying about security while doing so.

    From this I expect we can do all kinds of projects: Twitter Tip Bot, Web Wallets, payment processors, exchanges, basically the sky is the limit. It’s about a quarter written, and I expect it’ll be ready for testing later this week, after which I’ll be putting in the Streaming API for Link, since that goal was met.

    It’s going to be a great month, and a great 2014. Happy new years everyone!

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