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\[WTS\] BMW Touring 320d 2004 DIESEL

  • Regular Member | Tip midwaycy6

    [b]Marketplace link:[/b]


    [b]Item description[/b]

    Hello everyone i’m glad to anounce the sell of this car. The owner of this car is my brother who want to be involved into cryptocurrencies and now he is thinking sell his own car just for FTC, giving a unique occasion.

    The car is being very VERY well maintained. Since the first moment he owned.

    Here we go, here is the details of the car:

    [b]Main details:
    MOT active and passed without issues
    Engine 320d 150CV Model M47N
    346.000KM (Day 15/01/2014) this car is used for my brother everyday.
    Diesel FUEL

    Every 25.000KM replaced ALL the FILTERS (OIL AND AIR) and the OIL, always changed, using the best oil in the market “Castrol OIL”. At official BMW maintenance, those filters are changed every 60.000km, this is one of the reasons why the car is increible well maintened.

    intake butterflies removed the nozzles (to avoid problems with the engine. Who knows about mechanical they know that they can make a problem if they drop into nozzles, making a huge problem to the engine.)

    Suspension Bilstein series, Xenon lights, Sunroof, Heated seats, rain sensor and roof bars.

    Hifi Harmakardon brower PRO 4:3", M KIT, . Isofix, 6 CD changer units, navigator MKII (updated to the version of this year).

    [b]things that will change before selling :[/b]

    Engine mounts

    Water pump and their belt.


    [b]Minor problems:
    The paint is well maintained, but have few scratches at the rear right of the car. But it just affect to the paint.

    inside, in the object holder. The curtain is broken, but can be used without problems.


    The car is located at Spain, if do you want, you can pick up locally. If you don’t want pick up locally we have the option to shipping it WORLDWIDE, at a CHEAP price. We have contacts to ship whatever we want everywhere in the WORLD. So don’t miss this oportunity.

  • Regular Member | Tip midwaycy6

    Do you want more photos:

    Check this album:


    Photo with the scratches:


  • Regular Member | Tip prensel

    Do you still have this car for sale ?

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