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Payebd exchange

  • | Tip loken12

    This is one of good e-currency exchange service provider, simply because of high trusted and low charges make this exchange service successful, what simply we can exchange is we can do [url=http://www.payebd.com]Okpay exchange[/url], [url=http://www.payebd.com]Payza Exchange[/url], [url=http://www.payebd.com]Egopay Exchange[/url], [url=http://www.payebd.com]Bitcoin Exchange[/url], [url=http://www.payebd.com]Perfect money Exchange[/url], once check out if you want to find good exchange service with good quality, this types of exchange service make e-currency service more legit service.

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    I’ve not been able to find any reputable sources that have used this site successfully, only people saying it’s a scam.

    Besides that, there’s a lot of red flags for this. First of all it’s built on a blog. The whole thing is just a bunch of posts with forms for you to fill in your information, where I’m sure it’s collected by the operator. Someone probablly just threw up a Wordpress site.

    They say their based in London, but English is clearly not their native language based on the poor grammar on the site (“We process your order automatically if our office is open. Our Executive ready to process your order when we are in holiday the processing time may be delay. Usually we process instantly.”). They say they’ve been in business since 2012, but the domain is only 4 months old.

    There’s no exchange rates posted. There’s no sign of automation. The fees posted are all over the map. There’s literally nothing that makes me think that this is a legitimate exchange.

    tl;tr: [font=impact][color=black]USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION[/color][/font]

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    [quote] We Register our company October 2012 our registration Number UBE23242 and we running our business very good.[/quote]

    Do your research people! This company number brings back a plethora of company names, different websites, most of which on now defunct!

    I hope that Loken is on the straight an narrow, but research is king in this or any investment game… a good friend of mine didn’t do his research and today sore him kiss goodbye to a very large amount of money!

  • Regular Member | Tip Pryderi

    Let me join the tomato throwing; I call scam business!

  • | Tip loken12

    Thank’s for good comments and i want to say that firstly if we are going to join any internet service provider site, we don’t trust any website at first, thing we have to understand is that site is legit site or not and then trusting is good, and i find from this website, exchanging small amount of money is good, and it works for me. Thank’s again.

  • | Tip spynappels

    [b]This site does not appear to be legit. Use entirely at your own risk, we do not recommend it’s use.[/b]

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