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Terracoin Attack analysis

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    PPLNS is stop people “Pool hoping”. Solo miners or the pool can “Coin hop”, without that safe guard.

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    [quote name=“wrapper” post=“56114” timestamp=“1391110552”]
    PPLNS is stop people “Pool hoping”. Solo miners or the pool can “Coin hop”, without that safe guard.

    Thank you…I now understand.

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    LTC is going by where FTC have go in may, they will need to adjust the retarget and then probably need to get ACP as some big multipool would be able to 51%. so LTC the safe would not be so safe.

    Multipool are bad for coins when they becomes bigger then the coins they mine. for now most of the time they play with 42 and now doge. (this explain a big part of LTC diff drop), but 42 is now less profitable and doge is going that way too. so FTC will probably get more steady hash rate soon as LTC just retarget back to ~3300 diff.

    in fact Scrypt mining has a finite mining power that is just divide between coins, multi pool just switch portion of the hash power fast from one coin to another. theyare their and many miner are just mining for profit so unless they really feel the bottom line lost on profitability they will continue to use multi-pool as they just want money(they probably sell BTC for fiat just as fast as the multi-pol swith from FTC to BTC for them)

    the FTC retarget is making a good job in my view. it’s not perfect but also leave many problems/attacks of very fast retarget away from the coin.

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    I agree Groll, good analysis.

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    it’s going on again.

    Hashrate up from ~ 3 GHash/sec yesterday up to ~9 GHash now

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    Gosh, network hash rate just hit 17GHash/sec :o

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    It sucks to see the difficulty back to 180, with the multi pools leaving FTC. zzz

    Now I am back to 22 FTC daily. When the difficulty is once again retargeted lower, they’ll be back again.

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    for the one saying the diff is broken. i post yesterday that diff will go up as LTC retarget big time so they lost 13% of hashrate so we got some and 170 will probably be the diff for next 3 days unless price ratio between LTC and FTC and to a lesser extend to other coin change much. so this is mostly normal.

    in another idea:

    i have look at the block chain and something is pretty weird. at some place we got ~15 min between blocks, this can happen, but they occur in short period of time and around the block are pretty fast. with acp fork lower then the last checkpoint are remove from chain so it’s difficult to say if someone try to trick the system.

    one thing i have seen is that most block are found very fast and then we got very long block like 10-15 min. in both case they are spread between the 6-7 usual address that found blocks and not seems to have heavy single multi-pool address in them ( many from coinotron and wemineFTC, i have not search who are the other address exactly). the probability don’t follow the “luck” distribution we should have. we find block below 2 minute or over 10 minutes and very few in middle so something is weird. it can be just a weird probability run, but seems to occur too much to be just a: it can happen. I already note that a month ago, but I have no idea what is happening still searching, but mostly no time.

    so far, I also found that around those time my client receive weird message block that fail the diff check, Calerts and transactions refuse for not enough fee by the client:
    [code]ERROR: CTxMemPool::accept() : not enough fees 4ba6269fa2273e1f6bb295e2fcc9c650d6ac63847443c19c68f61145b9a04cfe, 1000000 < 2000000 [/code]but the transaction is in the chain

    one multi-ppol address is:

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    wow look at this, I wonder how many times have multi pool been jumping for the past 3 minutes to find 10 blocks!

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    Kimoto Gravity Well, a proposed difficulty re-target algorythm.