Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version

Solo mining with feathercoin-qt

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    I have installed feathercoin-qt and it is syncing now. It is on its own computer, so it might as well use the rest of the cycles for mining. I’m completely new when it comes to mining. What do I need to put in the “server” fields? What about feathercoind? What does it do? Is there some documentation on this that I missed? Is there some general introduction to all this somewhere that I should read?

    Even if my mining never finds any coins, I want to learn how it all works.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I know I’m showing my utter cluelessness. Maybe my question needs to be simpler.

    If I successfully mine something, what happens? Does something just appear in my wallet? Is there something more I need to do?

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    I have put together a little package with instruction on how to mine feather coins its straight forward enough hope it helps, Well hopefully it works

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/febam7yi2rwrcjk/Feathercoin Mining.zip

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    you should mine with a pool it would be of great help and yield you many more FTC than solo mining.

  • Regular Member | Tip d2

    I would have to agree with the “join a pool” statement, solo mining won’t get you very far at all. Chances of you mining anything on your own is very slim now with the difficulty skyrocketing. IF you do happen to mine something though, it will show up in your wallet when the next sync occurs as unconfirmed, and then eventually confirmed once the block you mined has been confirmed on the network.

    I also recommend getting another miner app than the feathercoin app as it won’t be very efficient. For software and pool configuration, see my getting starting page [url=https://ftc.d2.cc/gettingstarted.php]https://ftc.d2.cc/gettingstarted.php[/url].