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\[ANN\] Miner-Case.com - Open Air Miner Case

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    Aluminium case for scrypt miners designed by a team of enthusiastic scrypt miners. Take a look and order a case for yourself!


    case-2-small.jpg gpu-2-small.jpg mb-psu-4-small.jpg

    We welcome any ideas, questions and suggestions!


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    Hmm, they’re a little too short for me to house 4 cards.

    With the weather here at my place (35C all year round), I need MORE space than that. So 3 cards for me max, need adequate ventilation for the cards.

    As it is now, a single R9 280X when placed alone runs at around 76C, eeks.

    Still they look pretty solid to me, might consider getting one in the future 🙂


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    Thank you for all the feedbacks.

    I’m looking to build another rig, those guys are from Europe? anyone brought to them?

    Yes, we are from Europe - Slovenia.

    Hmm, they’re a little too short for me to house 4 cards.

    With the weather here at my place (35C all year round), I need MORE space than that.

    Drop me a mail at [email protected] and we will figure something out. We can prepare a custom version for you, with more space between each card. You just need to check the length of the cables from GPU to PSU.

    P.S. a znao sam da ce sosedi prvi ponudit ovako nesto u Europi 😉

    He he, hvala. Ima nekoliko proizvodača za ova ohišja ali niko nije iz Europe, da. Ako naročiš iz USA ili Južne Afrike, onda trebaš platiti još carino, pa i poštarina je skupa. Ako ti treba nekoliko ohišja, možemo se dogovoriti i za besplatni transport do Zagreba.

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    We just prepared another model that is stackable and supports 5 GPU / 2 PSU.



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    We just added support for payments with Bitcoin through BitPay.

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    How quick are we talking? 🙂

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    Haha, sorry. Are they quick to deliver.

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    Are they stackable? If so I will put in an decent sized order, I’m still waiting for openrigs now renamed waitingrigs.com

  • Regular Member | Tip Ignition75

    So finally, here it is 🙂


    My rig #2. First one was built on Openrigs Vitalia case with 6 GPU, and second one was planned to be with 4 GPU, but guys from Miner-Case.com introduced me with their new product. Main difference - this one can have 5 GPUs and it is stackable.

    I already explained before that I don’t have possibility to make rig cases myself because I don’t have a garage or workshop to work in, and I really don’t like those milkcrates (f**k me, I’m not a snob, just like pretty shiny things 🙂

    So, my thoughts on this case:

    • Guys were very communicative, we easily reached an agreement about payments, shipping etc. But then again, I had good experience with OpenRigs too, and later people got into trouble with them. Since Miner Case is in EU - people from nearby will probably prefer them
    • Package received in just a few days (ok, our countries are neighbours, so that probably made it a bit faster)
    • Well packed, In size it was 1/6th of OpenRigs case box, but heavy because those bars aren’t just hollow alluminum. Oh no, you can probably build a combat vehicle with those 🙂
    • Easy to assemble - just follow the numbers on the bars…took me less than 15 minutes
    • End result: really tough construction that gives you confidence that it wont fall apart
    • Additional like: they predicted a place for 2nd PSU and delivered spare parts to mount it if needed
    • What I’m not so sure about: spacing between GPUs. They just seem to be too close. Here you have almost 2 cm less gap than on OpenRigs frame. So situation is that my GPU 0 and 2 on hot day work with 70 degrees but fans are 70% (3500rpm), while GPUs 1 and 3 work on 68-70 degrees, but with 1800rpm. This is why I’ll probably just drill new holes and rearrange this to be a 4 GPU frame with more space between the cards (spring is here, summer is coming, and I like my Toxic’s to be below 70 degrees, so why kill their fans). I see that guys have offered here in thread that they can customize the case according to your needs, so think about this…

    About Rig: 4x Sapphire 270x Toxic (1150 GPU, 1500 mem, 490Khash), Seasonic 1250 (yay, finally found one!), MoBo Asrock H81 PRO BTC (no power on risers, but 2x Molex directly to MoBo), and usual cheapest possible stuff (Intel CPU, 4GB RAM). Oh yes, my first Linux ever on Flash drive - SMOS. That’s not so hard at all 🙂

    Well done sir! How the hell did you get your photo to look so porno?

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    Oh man that’s sexy…

    What are you using for the dummy plugs?

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    I would really like to get the pinout config. Also, which which resistors required.

    My work stocks all the parts so it’ll be cheap-as-chips for me to make my own.

    Also, is that a DVI to VGA or is it a DVI male to DVI female? Is the dummy plug VGA or DVI?

    I have seen a pinout for a homebrew DVI dummy plug but it just involved having a DVI through with resistors literally bridging pins on the female end.

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