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Any MTG buffs help identify autograph on Demonic Tutor

  • | Tip subcapital

    So o o I have decided to sell a buncha my cards individually on the marketplace.
    I was sorting and such and I found this demonic tutor that I thought was lost forever.
    I got it years ago when I was a kid, (played when Ice age was the new set)
    It was a gift from a dear friend / MTG mentor that I have since lost touch with, moved in 05.
    He was one of those MTG hot shots who had all the sets n rares bla bla bla

    Anyway he told me who had signed this I believe he was some tournament champion or on a development team.
    I really can’t remember, but out of respect to the buyers of the FTC market, I’d like to know exactly what I am selling.
    Can anyone help me identify this person, the initials are S.D. I thought it might be Douglas Shuler but can not find a pic of

    The book says

    Angel School

    Idk who it is these days, but I remember he kept it in his “special box” of cards.

    If anyone could help me, i’d like to sell it for a reasonable price.

    Thanks guys.


  • | Tip Chap2212

    Could it possibly be the 2003 France national champion Stephane Dimizet ?

  • | Tip Om3n

    I`d have to agree with Chap2212 that the best bet seems to be Stéphane Damizet from the 2002/03 season France championship. Although imho I dont see much demand for his signature, or at least as much as if it were the artist themselves. Also The signer themselves defaced the card which would take value away. It reminds me of Gretzky signing cards then bending corners to reduce value. Again imho the card would be worth more unsigned and unaltered being it’s from such an older set and those are harder to come by now (3rd edition/revised) The card itself before that would be worth $20 in NM/M.

    You might be able ot try and tack 20-30% on top of that if you are very lucky and someone doesn’t mind the defacement on the card. Being it was only the France championships there would only be a small market as it wasn’t the Prix or the Word championships. Again this is just imho and mean no disrespect.

    He wasn’t really a known player and his win losses weren’t all that noticable either. The France Championships seems more of a luck of lack of strong competition as far as I can tell.


    As far as verifying the signature your best bet would be getting in touch with him and verifying he signed that particular card. Even then you’d want to get some letter possibly signed off on by a notary or card grading company to authenticate. Otherwise as a collector on dollar values it’s not worth much more than the stock the card itself is on.

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