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I buy your all feathercoin , Unlimited

  • | Tip lizhi

    Hi , I buy your all feathercoin , Unlimited. If you want to sell, please let me know, I use Paypal payment .

  • Regular Member | Tip voingiappone

    Hey lizhi,

    are you seriously going all in?? 😃

    Sorry mate but I prefer to keep my FTCs right now!

    Go on the exchanges… it’s pretty low I think.

  • | Tip mirrax

    all? you must be quite rich…

  • | Tip ryan176

    Hi , I buy your all feathercoin , Unlimited. If you want to sell, please let me know, I use Paypal payment .

    Great to see this sort of confidence in the feather 🙂 hopefully an indication of things to come. I too will be holding my FTC as I believe it’s totally underrated and is the dark horse of crypto.

    Lizhi, I hope your faith is handsomely rewarded in the future.

    Some contenders have an arrogant disdain toward FTC, their arrogance will be their undoing

  • Regular Member | Tip Vidicus

    There is like 160,000 FTC for sale @ $0.0613 on coinmkt.com

  • | Tip kris_davison

    I agree lizhi now is a great time to buy. We may never see prices this low again!

    I’m not a rich guy but I’m going to throw a few extra pounds at FTC while the price is crazy low.

  • | Tip PL_CoinTrader

    Do you really think that the price will rise again? I’m very sceptical about that. There are spreading hundreds of new coins out of nowhere which replaces feathercoin. Also the Asics have arrived already and the promised rise ist still be missed. By what power should Feathercoin rise again? There is no demand so the price is low. Also mining is getting harder and harder because the income is hardly covering the costs. If there’s coming a new wave of investors, businesses and customers which are interested in crypto they will rather put their money in Bitcoin because of its prominence or in a 2nd generation currency like NXT because of its features and advantages. Sorry for being pessimistic but I find you should be more realistic. It can be that feathercoin will rise again but at the moment there is absolutely no sign for that.

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Well its a low in the market of which there have been many. Everyone starts to worry and sell coins but if you want to beat the market the solution is to buy when everyone is selling and sell when there is hype and everyone is buying. Its easy to feel demoralised right now with the price being so low. And its hard to have the confidence in anything when the markets look so flat and general opinion is low.

    By buying now you are taking a risk by going against the market but with risk comes the potential for reward.

    Although I have the confidence in this community and the people who are working hard to fixing problems and building infrastructure. So like you say anyone can start a new coin but starting a community is not so easy. That’s why I’m putting my (very limited supply of) money where my mouth is any buying low.

    Possibly to sell high or maybe just to keep or maybe to spend on one of the many markets and shops popping up all the time.

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Yes I saw that its great news.

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    I have a feeling we will see a huge FTC rise in a few months 😉 I know I am looking to buy some more while its cheap and I cant GPU mine it.

  • | Tip smokeonthewater

    I want to sell my 507.28 ftc for 0.1 BTC if you’d do it?

  • | Tip Tuck Fheman


  • | Tip lizhi

    I wait for you, I am at 0.00011 FTC/BTC. Welcome.

  • | Tip bacobob

    I wait for you, I am at 0.00011 FTC/BTC. Welcome.

    i can sell you lots for that price now 😛

  • | Tip null

    I want to sell it. How much it’s price.

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