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[Support] Mobile Applications, Android. Faults, Causes and Solutions

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    [Support] Mobile Applications Part 1 - Faults, Causes and Solutions

    This is the new guide for Mobile Application Support, a digest for members and moderators.

    Taking over the official wallet means there is an opportunity to help members with support issues and direct those to the correct issues on Gihub where necessary. This will encourage a circle of improvement, with minimal effort.

    By compiling the guide in most cases where there is a problem the member will find the historical information.

    The moderators and helpers can then concentrate effort on the interesting new or unusual cases.

    Android Wallet Stopped Syncing

    You are using an old version of the wallet. You need to upgrade to Feathercoin Wallet version 2. Released by the official Feathercoin Application Team. It is supported on the forum. Issues can be raised at Github.

    Which Android Wallet should I use and how do I upgrade?

    Follow the Guide:

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    Hi Xonar, you need to post that as a support issue. This is for Thread is a digest for completed support issues, and their causes. (no body has noticed it here).

    Can you re post it? I’m really busy with other stuff and Wellenreiter has a cold. But, I’ll PM him so we can get some members on it.