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We need a writrer.

  • | Tip mnstrcck

    Ruthie, can you upload the media kit rates?

    Here’s the weird thing. At first he offered to do a feature, which we would write, but made it sound like it was a free thing we can send to them and they would put up. And now he’s changed his story to doing an advertorial [with a longer article] which he’s wanting money for.

    This rings alarm bells.

    I want to see their rates. But it’s a bit shady to me that they want to push something as an article for money. It’s grey area. It’s also unlikely they’ll have the required analytics to show us why they’re worth their rates [since they haven’t launched]. Promises of where it is being pushed out to and what not doesn’t really work.

    I’d be weary of putting any kind of money into this.

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Submission Guidelines ans Media Kit attached

  • | Tip mnstrcck

    Hey - these rates are incredibly high. For those prices we can get multiple professional press releases written for us and pushed to the same channels they are offering - instead we have to write our own. And it should be noted that just because they can push out to all of those wire agencies, it doesn’t mean that the release will be picked up.

    It’s literally just one press release in an ocean of press releases, every single hour of every single day.

    I’d wait to see how successful their “magazine” becomes in terms of recognition and traffic after three to six months, before it would even be worth considering throwing money on the table. Just my opinion though.

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Yes sounds fishy to me too.
    Very specific numbers for a magazine that had not launched and no website to speak of.

    Still worth writing the article tho. See where we can put it. Did we get much press for the pcuk charity work? May be worth sending a PIC and a summary to a few local papers?

  • | Tip null

    I would get back in touch with em’ and see if the original offer of a 700 word free article is still up for grabs.

    At the very least this is making us get something together that could be used for many things.

  • | Tip mnstrcck

    +1 Calem - we should reach out and clarify. If there’s no strings attached to the original article offer, we should take it.

    And as for the charity raffle, would anyone be able to compile a list of local and regional publications to send a press release to? UK based I’m assuming. We could write something up - “Human Interest” type of thing - and get in touch with the editors.

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Right, shall I email him asking if the offer for 700 words for free is still available? (just checking that no one else is doing so.)

  • | Tip null

    For sure Ruthie if you could. That would be really great ahy.

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Cool 🙂

  • Regular Member | Tip zerodrama

    set up a blog

    write it up

    spam it everywhere

    enough with all this shady crap

  • | Tip null

    Sorry for bumping this around so much… I think its better here as opposed to to the crowd sourcing section.

  • Regular Member | Tip T4rQu1N

    +1 Zero’s suggestion. We probably don’t need to pay for any printed press releases, at least not yet; I think our reputation stands on its own. A developers blog, or some such, with regular (if only minor) updates would keep the masses engaged, much in the way that the newsletter has.

    It would be nice to have articles written up for each learning curve/challenge faced, which we can use as a body of evidence to any potential investors/journalists should they come knocking…

  • | Tip null

    Well let’s finish this article off so we have a have a history or ftc bio page where people can read about our trial and tribulations.

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Calem :

    Feathercoin story begins on April 16th 2013. - please check out some early articles about feathercoin here is one example, http://thebitcoinnews.co.uk/2013/05/31/bitcoin-competitor-feathercoin-prepares-to-challenge-alternate-currencies/ I have taken this from Mirrax’s thread https://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php?/topic/2407-press-response-links-to-articles-interviews-and-write-ups/

    first 51% attack that we know of came in the run up to our first meet up and our first ever transaction at The Oxford Blue July 20th 2013, if my memory serves me correctly we had 3 51% attacks in that week alone.

    I think we had 2 more following closely behind.

    After much debate Advanced Check Pointing the block chain became our solution.

    Link and Flux - I’m sorry I do not know much about these projects and things get too techenical for me 😕

    Forum hack - Dec 13, was exactly that, we were already in the process of changing the website and the hack led us to getting more secure forum software.

  • | Tip null

    Cheers for the idea’s. I’ll continue building on what I have when i get a day off next. I’ll see if I can finish this myself, i just may need to ask the community for idea’s from time to time.

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