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    Got a NVIDIA GEFORCE 520M CUDA GPU, so how long would it take to farm one feather coin?

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    It really all depends on the hashrate you get from it. I would imagine if you solo mine it would take a long time since it is both a Nvidia, and more importantly a mobile graphics card.

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    From a quick look around, it seems a generous hash rate estimate for the 520M would be 15KH/s while running CudaMiner. Given the current mining difficulty of ~83 it would take on average about 275 days to find a single Feathercoin block (200 coins) while solo mining. If pool mining, it would take about 33 hours to earn one coin. It’s likely that the difficulty will continue increasing on into the foreseeable future (difficulty changes approximately every two days, depending on the rate of network growth).

    Since the 520M is a mobile GPU, I’d advise against mining with it. It’s just my own opinion, but I don’t believe it would be worth it to mine with a laptop given the high likelihood of damage caused by overheating.

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    [quote name=“AtsuiPanda” post=“403” timestamp=“1367452514”]
    Got a NVIDIA GEFORCE 520M CUDA GPU, so how long would it take to farm one feather coin?

    Nvidia GPUs are really not efficient enough at coin mining to make it worth it. This is not to say the Nvidia makes crappy video cards, quite the opposite, in fact I use Nvidia in my main PC. Mostly so i will not be concerned with mining with it all the time, but also because they make a good product.

    2 main reasons AMD GPUS are good for Mining and Nvidia GPUs are not good for mining, but still excellent for gaming.

    1. Nvidia builds their GPU with the less but smarter philosophy. Nvidia cards have far fewer shade units, but they are much smarter then AMD shaders. AMD takes the “sweat shop” approach. Mining involves many,many small and simple calculations, in this case AMD design philosophy works better.

    2. Bit shifting. Nvidia shaders can take 2 or 3 cycles to do various bit shifting operations, which are constantly being used when mining. AMD shaders can do the shifting operations in 1 cycle.

    Both AMD and Nivida make a good product that works well for what it is intended for…Gaming.

    AMD design just happens to be 10x + better at mining, which is a secondary function neither manufacturer builds to.

    For the most part, one would spend much more on electricity to mine with an Nividia GPU, then they could ever hope to gain back by the mining. 😞

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