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Beef 4 Bits - Free Samples (USA Only)

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    Outside the US, I’m guessing would be a huge problem though?

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm


    Basically, no. It will be intercepted and destroyed by customs on both side. So, don’t try. However, if the food is already prepared, sealed in packaging, it may get through.


  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    Yeah customs can be a crap shoot on food products. Especially if its tasty beef jerky, I wouldn’t let it past me 😛

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    What cut of meat are you using?

  • | Tip spynappels

    Shame, I’d be well up for this, but I doubt it would get to me.

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    The Prep:








    Brewski Wants Trimmings:



  • | Tip mirrax

    Would be great to have some detailed photo of final product 😉

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON


    [attachment=115:1 (7).jpg]

    Drying Out In Layers:

    [attachment=116:1 (3).jpg]

    [attachment=117:1 (4).jpg]

    The Product:

    [attachment=118:1 (5).jpg]

    [attachment=119:1 (6).jpg]

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Wow that’s some chunky beef jerky. I’ve only ever had the stuff from the supermarket here in the UK and it looks nowhere near as good as that.

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    I’ve always fancied making some since I heard about it on marks daily apple.

  • | Tip mirrax

    How about this for the newsletter?


  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    Just got back from camping, my bag was pretty good omnomnom. Plenty left for samples and purchase. Anyone who has been of the forms here for a while contact me for a sample if you want to do a review!

    How about this for the newsletter?

    Looks good to me, thanks!

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    Still plenty of free samples available for senior members here just shoot me a pm, don’t make me eat the remaining couple lbs of this alone cuz I will without thinking twice.

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    Last chance for samples of this batch, eating the rest for a snack this afternoon.

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    The next batch is busy marinating. The weather this week does not look good, the rain will make it much harder to keep the heat up… but I will try to smoke this batch asap. For those curious about what cuts of meat I use it really is rather random, its mostly price dependent, $18 a lb (.03 BTC) is really really cheap for jerky and to keep prices low I have to use what I can get for a decent price. I have a few different supplies of beef, this weeks is some really nice big trimmings from a local butcher shop and local cattle. If people want special orders or higher end cuts I can always do them but they will cost more. If people want local grass fed beef I can get some and sell it but it will cost more.

    I am still looking for some reviewers, if you have been a member here for a while and live in the USA post here or send me a PM and I will send some tasty free samples to you for review.

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    Batch 2 Smoking!

    [attachment=127:1 ( 8).jpg]

    [attachment=128:1 (10).jpg]

    [attachment=129:1 (11).jpg]

    [attachment=130:1 (12).jpg]


  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    I was thinking about developing a pool that pays out in beef jerky, just like multi pool mining it would auto convert earnings to btc and then you would get credited a weight in beef jerky for those BTC. You could keep track of how much beef jerky you have built up and I would ship out everyone’s beef 2 times a week.

    Is there anything better than pointing your gaming GPU at a mining pool and automatically having beef jerky show up at your door?!?

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Sounds awesome damn that shipping to Europe usue 😞

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    I have been looking at UK and other regulations. There really does not seem to be anything to cover this type of good. Perishables = not mailable, however, the beef jerky should last a few weeks at a minimum if not a few months (depending on storage conditions). Normal packaged jerky will last longer but has preservatives and is not going to be the same quality cuts I make. I don’t use anything to preserve the meat other than drying it out at low temps + smoke and I also salt the jerky after and let it sit to get out the rest of the moisture.

    If any of the UK members want free samples I am willing to try to ship over there. I would love to know if it gets caught or if it makes it through. I will make another batch later this week when its not raining cats and dogs out (probably thurs) and ship out to the UK members.

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Sounds good. I’m happy to pay for a really small bag. (As a trial run) I love beef jerky!

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