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Beef 4 Bits - Free Samples (USA Only)

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    yarp. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beef_hormone_controversy

    But Tesco can sell you horse and donkey meat pretending to be beef from inside the EU. *rolls eyes*

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    So they did it for no reason as the UK already used growth hormones in our beef production until the EU banned it and also banned imports from USA and Canada.
    Obviously the UK had to stop using the hormones in our beef production as well.

    Just another case of the unelected EU parliament deciding the fate of the UK.

    Time for a change. Time for an exit!
    We have enough clever people in this country to decide our own laws and regulations.

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    I dunno, hormones for the sake of increasing profit, I think the EU are doing us a favour. I’m not a fan of the EU but I don’t trust our own government not to have it’s mind changed by the big agro chemical companies who don’t seem to care about any one or anything only profit.

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    You may have a point but based on the evidence its a stretch to say its harmful.
    I agree it doesn’t sound particularly natural or appealing but to ban it on the back of public opinion over hard facts is ludicrous.

    I noticed one option they could have went with was well labeled packaging. At least then the public could make their own mind up.

    Although its a difficult thing to argue in favour of more artificial crap in our food.

    Anyway the funniest part was that the world trade organisation then allowed the USA to essentially fine the EU 115 million dollars each year in extra import duties on goods from the EU. Which does no favours to US customers or EU businesses. Politics is a funny game!

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    On top of all of that I have the ability to make jerky from grass fed home grown beef and I cant ship it to the UK due to these regulations even if its the best beef on the planet.

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    Yeah, it’s a real shame. I wonder if it’s an issue that could be circumvented with licences, no doubt through huge expense to the small business.

    If you look at the EU’s rules and legislation, it’s clear that the attempt is to protect it’s own products. Everything from water bathing quality directives for holiday makers to food quality concerns for their food exports. The end result for europeans is that large corporations can’t shit in the food and the sea, so despite being a eurosceptic until we have a government that isn’t in the pockets of large business I feel the EU is the lesser of two evils.

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    Oh that’s interesting. It’s not just hormones and synthetic hormones, Ractopamine (no idea what this is) and Arsenic*. Arsenic being added to animal feed to make the meat appear pinker/fresher in meat products.

    *arsenic in it’s organic form, not it’s inorganic form

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    Arsenic?? OK I’m not OK with that.

    But if we can knock even one layer out of these political hierarchies I would be happy!

    Screw the EU

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    I have a batch of about 7lbs (unsmoked) Sitting in Teriyaki sauce now, I will be cutting it into strips and putting it on the smoker later today. I am looking at using a hanging method for the jerky in my smoker so I can have them vertical and save a ton of space to allow for much higher quantities to be cooked.

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    Mmmmmm jerky!

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    So True

    [attachment=151:1 (2).jpg]


    [attachment=153:1 (9).jpg]

    Smoking Tonight!!!

    [attachment=154:1 (15).jpg]

    Testing Hanging Method, Also look at the nice big strips!

    [attachment=155:1 (16).jpg]

    Wet Chips Tonight

    [attachment=156:1 (17).jpg]

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    The group of hung jerky came out AMAZING!

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    Ill be doing another batch this week. 5 slots for free samples USA only. 900 Ftc/lb

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    damn… wish i was in the US, looks so freakin’ good!

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    I recently did a longevity test on a few batches. So long as whatever marinade I use before dries up completely the beef preserves very well. I just had some that was preserved from my 2nd batch (several months old), only where I found minced garlic on the meat was a little mold (i scraped it off and ate it anyway), everything else preserved nicely.

    If I get 2 or more requests for samples in the US I will pull the smoker out of the basement and do a fresh batch. Its winter up here and the plow guy builds a snow bank where the smoker used to be.

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    It is strange, we have the most nodes in US but all demand is from overseas. Your product is not correlated with our network yet 🙂

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    Looks pretty good, Ive always wanted to try making some.

    If you happen to make another batch this winter Id buy a pound from you!