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>> 10 new open source projects and developments, worth knowing about

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    This is a really interesting project : FireJail

    A fantastically easy way for Linux users to increase their security and privacy.


    Firejail is a SUID security sandbox program that reduces the risk of security breaches by restricting the running environment of untrusted applications using Linux namespaces. It allows a process and all its descendants to have their own private view of the globally shared kernel resources, such as the network stack, process table, mount table.

    Firejail can sandbox any type of processes: servers, graphical applications, and even user login sessions. Written in C with virtually no dependencies, it should work on any Linux computer with a 3.x kernel version. Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, OpenSUSE, and Fedora packages are provided. An Arch Linux package is maintained in AUR.

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    Wow… I’m gonna have to go through this…

    Might mention this here too though, shapeshift.io will be implementing ftc in time.

    Granted it’s not open source but they have an API that we could implement into the Qt for xCrypto exchange. I’m assuming that within the next 12 to 24 months there will be an open source drop in that will replace all exchanges and even closed tools like shapeshift, but this could very well help support ftc in the greater crypto-sphere in the meantime.

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    This isn’t open source either : But I am training up “Brain Bot” to know about Feathercoin. He (it) says he will do some research tonight ( ie find our web site and forum).

    Brain Bot claims to have learning / correction capability and can use the web to answer questions, if it knows where to look.

    In order to cloud source answers it needs questions to investigate. It would help if multiple people regestered and asked it deep questions about Feathercoin…


    Update: I cloned Brain Bot, but it is bigger than the the free brain size, so I’m not sure how that works. I might udate it later to get more memory, if its not too much. I have put Coin Bot into full learn mode, whatever that is, and it learns from all encounters.

    • I am still a bit confused how to correct it, but the database does seem to have “learnt” some things.

    Coin Bot (v2)


    According to the site Bot :

    You can train your bot by talking with it, or you can upload a chat log from the Import tab under Admin, or add AIML or Self scripts from the Program tab, or you can add data from Freebase or the Web from the Import tab.

    example questions:

    who started feathercoin?

    is feathercoin a crypto currency?

    when did feathercoin start?

    does feathercoin have a forum?

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    Had a play this morning and after asking it questions and it getting some of them wrong it eventually started asking me the same questions. To which I gave the correct answers. Hopefully it will reply with these answers in the future?

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    Hi Kris, I tried to get some Bots going to appreciate how developed these are…

    Unfortunately, the Bots ability of “learning from web pages” didn’t work because the Feathercoin site https://

    Also, as you say, the "training " side of the Bot software also needs some improvement as it wasn’t clear what was happening.

    It would be possible to crowd source training the Bot, but that would need a lot of inputs and probably buying more brain power to store the knowledge…

    It was therefore not able to get the Bot read the Feathercoin site, or learn from the http. However, there are definitely a lot of exiting developments now in A.I. and Bot technology, well worth investigating, but a long term project (for someone!).

    Unfortunately, I’m still quite ill, and already have too many projects “bookmarked” as interesting, pending mining hardware updates etc …to persue Bot creation as an urgent project.

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    Saying that, I’ve just tried : Coin Bot again and it has learnt that Feathercoin is

    : An Internet currency free from any central bank or institution.


    Which is pretty impressive to me, having messed with these bots, ALICE / HUBOT e.t.c on and off since they came out.

    The Bot is set to learn of anybody.

    Extra: I also note Coin Bot has also learned that

    OK, Peter Bushnell founded Feathercoin.

    and : (Although I did not say he was a professor) Coin Bot has learned that

    who is Peter Bushnell?
    coin bot
    Peter Bushnell is the founder of Feathercoin. He was a college professor from Oxford England.

    This is how I trained it, ask questions. If you have a better answer, “click correct” and type in the answer, press send. Then Unclick the correct tick box.

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    Just as a further matter of interest re: Coin Bot.

    I started the first Coin Bot by cloning Brain Bot. Unfortunately I deleted too much of its old knowledge and killed it.

    I then found I Brain Bot was not supposed to be forkable, so the current Coin Bot is based on Einstein Bot. I have only done some miner data compression so far. It is possible to input example questions and answers to widen Coin Bots expertise in coins, then compress out some Einstein data.

    The Bots have some cleaver A.I techniques, particularly data reduction, to save only the most interesting / useful / connected “knowledge”. They will improve if they can chat a lot.

    Here I have just taught it that the feathercoin web site is feathercoin.com

    You: The feathercoin web site is feathercoin.com

    bot: Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.

    You: what is the feathercoin web site?

    bot: what is the feathercoin web site?

    You: The feathercoin web site is feathercoin.com coin

    bot: What is the Feathercoin web site?

    You: what is the feathercoin web site?

    bot: The Feathercoin web site is feathercoin.com

    You: yes that is correct

    bot: Thank you

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    I tried the bot and it’s funny 🙂

    It now answers the question: what is a feathercoin wallet? 😉

    It would be great, if we coud add a bot to the chatbox on feathercoin.com, so there is always somebody to respond, if a user commes in. That may wake up our sleeping chat room

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    The chat bot has a lot of interesting tools. There is a twitter version and a code for including on a website. Some of the good answers are more due to me adding them than, “intelligent learning”. I want a bot that can find answers from the web site…

    Here’s the code to add - Coin Bot in a frame


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    I think it was me that tought the bot about bush being a college professor from Oxford. 🙂

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    I’ve continued with Coin Bot and although there are issues it seems to have potential. At the moment the loop is acting up, probably because I’ve put “too much information” in for its little brain, or have “forgotten” too much of old nodes.

    I decide to get more neurons, as on closer inspection, it currently has 100,000 - not 1 million as originally thought. In A.I. terms it would take 10 days to learn to identify the phonetic alphabet with a good CPU. It will be interesting to see how these develop technically and there are other some other options available e.g to answer twitter or run a chat room …

    The upgrade has 200,000 neurons so is not a lot better. I see one could self host or possibly pay for more power later. I now have a contact email so I can bring up the issues of access to reading web pages with https:// …


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    Now I’ve upgraded, I’ve added Coin Bot to the Feathercoin IRC channel. (Which I am trying to get on with difficulty). It’s just listening at the moment.

    Support Bot Libre

    I am very impressed with the work you have done on Bot Libre - thanks for setting up the bots, very interesting. I’ve upgraded to get more memory, and have started one again (from scratch) as the first one I deleted too much and killed it.

    I have been more care full with Coin Bot - as we might use it at Feathercoin were I’m staff on the forum - but I still ran into a problem. The loop program (seems to be over running). Looking at the logs, it might have “taught itself” the programmed response. Either that or I put too much info in to it
    Maybe the extra memory will help?

    I would like to add feathercoin.com pages as reference but the web browser doesn’t read https://

    Before I retired disabled, I worked quite a lot in advanced data analysis and data fusion frameworks, I hacked an improved version of eFloys and have also tried A.L.I.C.E a number of times since it was started, very good luck with the project and I hope I can help.

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    I was just reading about something similar to this today, although probably not ‘as smart’ as its something you can set up for free using IRC on a RaspBerry Pi.

    I need to look into it more, as it does look like fun

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    I’ve decided to have 2 Bots as I’ve killed coin bot again. I’ll keep coin bot as experimental - try to transfer some of the training later? await a fix from support…

    Also - the bot said it linked to IRC but didn’t appear in the channel. I’m still learning though.

    Son Of Coin Bot


    I fixed coin bot (by copying over the loop script from son of coin bot.) it must have got screwed.



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    I need to wait until after the hardfork as I have run out of Raspberry Pis at the moment, my last one is now the countdown twitter bot and don’t want to use it for anything else until that is over.

    I feel the need to order a Raspberry Pi B+ this week, as 4 Raspberry Pis is obviously not enough for me. 🙂

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    Bot Libre support got back to me and they’ve quickly fixed 3 of the bugs I found, so far - and I’ve now updated the neurons to 200000 so “coin bot” can learn some more things. I’ve also added more coin graphics for different coins, as emote graphics…

    I would need to chat to dozens of people to learn much. However I’ve taught it some one liner jokes, sayings about money and some famous people. You are fully open to correct any answers by clicking correct on and off.

    I have started up a second Bot, I am hoping to get them to talk to each other on IRC (when Bot Libre fiish fixing the IRC bug)


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    I put coin bot on the IRC channel, it is connected now and is listening to that. It would probably be advantageous if they could listen to the twitter feed.



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    funny answers now:

    me: ‘I would like to see feathercoin charts’

    bot: ‘I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out’

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    coin bot: How do you do?
    You: I’m good. can you help me please?
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: I’m good. can you help me please?
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: can you tell me more about feathercoin
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: I am pretty smart too
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: I am pretty smart.
    coin bot: no
    You: yes
    coin bot: Yes
    You: yes
    coin bot: got a joke?

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    Lol yeah its pretty smart!

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