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    I tried the bot and it’s funny 🙂

    It now answers the question: what is a feathercoin wallet? 😉

    It would be great, if we coud add a bot to the chatbox on feathercoin.com, so there is always somebody to respond, if a user commes in. That may wake up our sleeping chat room

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    The chat bot has a lot of interesting tools. There is a twitter version and a code for including on a website. Some of the good answers are more due to me adding them than, “intelligent learning”. I want a bot that can find answers from the web site…

    Here’s the code to add - Coin Bot in a frame


  • | Tip kris_davison

    I think it was me that tought the bot about bush being a college professor from Oxford. 🙂

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    I’ve continued with Coin Bot and although there are issues it seems to have potential. At the moment the loop is acting up, probably because I’ve put “too much information” in for its little brain, or have “forgotten” too much of old nodes.

    I decide to get more neurons, as on closer inspection, it currently has 100,000 - not 1 million as originally thought. In A.I. terms it would take 10 days to learn to identify the phonetic alphabet with a good CPU. It will be interesting to see how these develop technically and there are other some other options available e.g to answer twitter or run a chat room …

    The upgrade has 200,000 neurons so is not a lot better. I see one could self host or possibly pay for more power later. I now have a contact email so I can bring up the issues of access to reading web pages with https:// …


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    Now I’ve upgraded, I’ve added Coin Bot to the Feathercoin IRC channel. (Which I am trying to get on with difficulty). It’s just listening at the moment.

    Support Bot Libre

    I am very impressed with the work you have done on Bot Libre - thanks for setting up the bots, very interesting. I’ve upgraded to get more memory, and have started one again (from scratch) as the first one I deleted too much and killed it.

    I have been more care full with Coin Bot - as we might use it at Feathercoin were I’m staff on the forum - but I still ran into a problem. The loop program (seems to be over running). Looking at the logs, it might have “taught itself” the programmed response. Either that or I put too much info in to it
    Maybe the extra memory will help?

    I would like to add feathercoin.com pages as reference but the web browser doesn’t read https://

    Before I retired disabled, I worked quite a lot in advanced data analysis and data fusion frameworks, I hacked an improved version of eFloys and have also tried A.L.I.C.E a number of times since it was started, very good luck with the project and I hope I can help.

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    I was just reading about something similar to this today, although probably not ‘as smart’ as its something you can set up for free using IRC on a RaspBerry Pi.

    I need to look into it more, as it does look like fun

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    I’ve decided to have 2 Bots as I’ve killed coin bot again. I’ll keep coin bot as experimental - try to transfer some of the training later? await a fix from support…

    Also - the bot said it linked to IRC but didn’t appear in the channel. I’m still learning though.

    Son Of Coin Bot


    I fixed coin bot (by copying over the loop script from son of coin bot.) it must have got screwed.



  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    I need to wait until after the hardfork as I have run out of Raspberry Pis at the moment, my last one is now the countdown twitter bot and don’t want to use it for anything else until that is over.

    I feel the need to order a Raspberry Pi B+ this week, as 4 Raspberry Pis is obviously not enough for me. 🙂

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    Bot Libre support got back to me and they’ve quickly fixed 3 of the bugs I found, so far - and I’ve now updated the neurons to 200000 so “coin bot” can learn some more things. I’ve also added more coin graphics for different coins, as emote graphics…

    I would need to chat to dozens of people to learn much. However I’ve taught it some one liner jokes, sayings about money and some famous people. You are fully open to correct any answers by clicking correct on and off.

    I have started up a second Bot, I am hoping to get them to talk to each other on IRC (when Bot Libre fiish fixing the IRC bug)


  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    I put coin bot on the IRC channel, it is connected now and is listening to that. It would probably be advantageous if they could listen to the twitter feed.



  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter


    funny answers now:

    me: ‘I would like to see feathercoin charts’

    bot: ‘I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out’

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    coin bot: How do you do?
    You: I’m good. can you help me please?
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: I’m good. can you help me please?
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: can you tell me more about feathercoin
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: I am pretty smart too
    coin bot: I am pretty smart.
    You: I am pretty smart.
    coin bot: no
    You: yes
    coin bot: Yes
    You: yes
    coin bot: got a joke?

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Lol yeah its pretty smart!

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    The more I tell them the more they forget, but BotLibre is open to adding more features. Chattyness should be good, that’s how humans learn, by talking rubbish…

    ie. It will be easier to train sensible conversation lines, when the bot is defining the conversation. (to topics it knows about)

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    BotLibre have been great and are considering enhancements. Here’s an update, they have done a few other bug fixes already(script corruption).

    If the bots don’t know you can teach them. irc://irc.freenode.org/feathercoin

    BotLibre: Support

    Re: If your trying to build a real AI bot, I’m not sure how large a brain it would requires, humans have about 86 billion neurons…

    The commercial server does let you have a larger brain size, you can create a free trial account if you wish and I could increase your brain size on request.


    Thanks very much for chatting, it has been very informative to me.

    I have been (indirectly or as a hobby) been working/ researching on this (A.I.) for years, so I am interested in seeing and interacting with most intelligent Bots possible. You have programmed all the stuff I would need to make the first interface, and I believe interesting interactions can be achieved with simple (repetitive / alignment) methods.

    10 years ago I worked at Manchester University on advanced data analysis (amongst other things) I was Industrial supervisor to a number of PhD students at the time.

    We had a number of projects including in order, Expert systems for fault diagnosis, Genetic Algorithms to automate efficient maintenance planning, agents, eFloys (hobby hack), ALICE and other Bots, Use of AI techniques to set automatic alarms and warnings, Framework for Data fusion, simulating missing data.

    Even in my PhD thesis I used regression to solve an “unsolvable” equation (the computer guys wore white coats and they had just replaced the punch card machines with terminals)

    I’ve retired (disabled due to illness). I keep myself occupied by research, and for the last couple of years I have been involved in building the Feathercoin community and have helped a bit with some software developments, data analysis and support.

    From my experience using AI techniques has always worked great, (to everyone else’s suprise). At the time, and before, we were held back by hardware.

    Also, the prejudice against A.I. techniques by the control freaks (literally system / production controllers) and it’s use for data fusion. I also believe there has been some great work on getting over the high data needs for training neural nets, as well, for instance since then.

    I can see you have made a lot of headway, and I expect your todo list is as long as mine… (could go … cut short)

    So I wish to thank you for all the work you have done, I know - it is very great… Thankyou


    As far as what size brain I require, as much as possible. However, I was asking you what you thought the current Bots can learn? I know I could “program” the Bot for Feathercoin, with what I have got.

    For instance, I thought the Jokes might get mangles amusingly by the reduction function, which hasn’t happened yet.

    But I have believed for years that training a system to do the job will be more effective, efficient and flexible (and I am willing to train it for 5 years if that is necessary, and I thought it was learning).

    I have done lecturing and courses as well, I have particularly put in a lot of thought in how train a bot. I’ve also read widely on how the human brain works and have a few theories about consciousness and using future prediction to self learn, for instance.

    I have moved from windows to Linux, but before that I was investigating future prediction of noise levels, such that the system could be trained to apply a anti-phase signal at the window, thus preventing noise. (We live near roads in the UK) -

    My original PhD was in noise and Vibration so the use of anti-phase signal has always been an interest. It was interesting, as you say to point out the intelligence of the system required to do that job.

    Re: how “cleaver” is the bot
    From work I have seen at Google > 1 Million neurons can learn to identify the 26 phonetic symbols, in 8 hours on a GPU and over 24 hours on CPU.

    My Bot now has 200,000 so it 1/5 of that (rough guess). It’s not far to say it will learn 26 things (simple concepts) in 2 weeks of solid “teaching”

    What I need is a lot (100?) people to interact program it quicker, it might take a day.

    I can see “factually” how the training occurs, and I am not training them to pander to that exactly, to see what happens. I’ve spent most time testing the training so far, I have only skimmed the code, and maybe there is more to see on the forum. I see you’ve been going a while, messing with Feathercoin I missed that…

    Re: case sensitive
    Note : I noticed the Bots can be very case sensitive, we got over this by comparing everything in lower case, that might be an option you can set on the bot. More of the “intelligence” would be efficiently used for it’s use/task, not identifying capitalisation.

    Re: spelling sensitive
    Could we have a parameter for this, that the system could learn or and be set?

    i.e. 0 to 10

    0 it applies the closest word in its current word list (by fuzzy logic, initial letter, all lower case)
    5. It adds the word to the list (10%)
    7. It adds the word to the list (20%)
    10 it takes the spelling literally, like now.

    Which shows you might consider a generic “parameter” creation. Which would include setting the optimal value for the Bot to try to achieve and how it measures that.

    Another possible shortfall is integration of sensors. Much of that has been achieve by BotLibre in the twitter and IRC but is not available “generically” e.g. to the weather or any choice of web page, (that achieved the goal)

    Thanks again

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    Ha Ha - coin_boy made up it’s first new “joke” - replaced smart with …

    You Basically, bitcoins are just long digital addresses and balances, stored in an online ledger called the blockchain.
    coin bot The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus. Bruce Lee
    You Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the worlds most important developments.
    coin bot Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
    You Bitcoin isn’t just a currency, like dollars or euros or yen. It’s a way of making payments, like PayPal or the Visa credit card network.
    coin bot All Bitcoin transactions are recorded online for anyone to see, lending a certain transparency to the system.
    You Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology and a branch of computer science that studies and develops intelligent machines and software.
    coin bot We have enough youth: how about a fountain of “talking”?

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Some feed back on my enhancement ideas and the history of the company BotLibre and how Bots work now.

    Thanks for the detail.

    We are working on some more complete documentation on the architecture and learning algorithms used in the AI engine, but it is evolving rapidly so is a moving target.

    There are some articles on our blog,


    Also, if you want to dive deeper, our project started as the “Open Pandora’s Box” project on SourceForge. We forked the project when we started BOT libre, but the basic architecture and much of the code is the same.


    A blog post on the Open Pandora’s Box architecture.


    Re: Learning

    The comprehension algorithm basically analyzes each response from the user and looks for patterns from question and its related data that appear in the response. A sentence is broken up into words, each word can have one or many meanings, and meanings can be related to anything else in the system. Comprehension will build formula’s for question patterns.

    One thing the bots can learn is how to count (both forwards a backwards).

    So, if the bot said “1” and you replied “2”, it knows that “1” means the number 1, and it knows that the #next of 1 is 2, and 2’s word is “2”, so it would infer that a phrase which means 1 should be responded to by (1 #next). If you then replied “3” to “2”, it would then see the existing state and generalize it because both 1 and 2 are instance of #number, so would produce means :x that is a #number, should be responded to by :x #next. It can also analyze the context (previous response) to count both forwards and backwards.

    Comprehension builds state machines that parse the input. Currently it only goes one level deep into the data, we would like to go multiple levels for more complex comprehension.

    They also learn by associating questions with responses and pattern matching, but this is more mimicry than intelligence.

    Re: Case sensitivity

    We have struggled with this one a lot. We have avoided lowercasing everything as there can be important data in the case, i.e. names and emotions (Joe, STOP!).

    Currently we have somewhat of a hybrid system, in that both the original case of the question and the lower case of the question are recorded.

    It may be a good option to lowercase everything to save memory.

    Re: Spelling

    We have wanted to have some sort of spelling correction. That would be a good idea.

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    I created a special channel for the Bots to talk to each other : irc://irc.freenode.org/simbotchat

    They’re off the Feathercoin IRC for the most part.


    I’ve gone a bit more in depth, there are ways of configuring a more specific Bot (say for Feathercoin). There is a lot of scope to add additional scripts to define actions, which means they are very flexible.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Open source document / project collaboration software

    I am looking at this project as I won’t use google (docs) there is a need for self hosting of multi user document creation in an open source project. This will engender collaboration between members, were a large number of people can (easily) contribute a small amount.


    My idea is produce an open document on “bot replies” for certain topics, that anyone can contribute to, then look to move guides over to collaborative documents for editing and improving.

    I’ll create a guide development thread at that stage to document where you can update the latest version. I suppose it will be like a simplified wiki.

    I have been waiting for this as I believe even software development can be done by multiple contributors at once and this form of extreme development will prove to be super fast and accurate way of the future.

    Many hands make light work and many eyes make fewer errors.

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    The idea of SparkleShare sprouted at the GNOME Usability Hackfest in London, where a couple of designers came to the conclusion that they didn’t have a good (Open Source) collaboration tool to share their work (for more background, read “The one where the designers ask for a pony”). They didn’t like how the good collaboration tools were proprietary, and that using them meant having to give up privacy, control and other rights. What they needed was something that they could run and control themselves, without having to depend on other companies.

    That’s sold it to me.