Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

My list of FTC related projects

  • | Tip Mr.Bob

    nice work 🙂 , I was also coding something like a ticker/countdown for Twitter but Twitter doesn’t accept my mobile phone number for changing permission to write tweets…

    Dropbox link ( requires requests )

  • | Tip null

    Good on ya Tmuir!

    You have more than proven yourself as a team member. Keep up the good work… maybe one day we could get one of those nodes in space… 😉

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    I’m sure you told me you have a couple of Raspberry Pis floating around that you don’t use, we need to get them put to good use.

    Writing the How to to install Phonexcoin on the Pi, and will follow that (hopefully) with one for Feathercoin

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Getting closer to put together a tweet bot for counting down to the hardfork to Neoscrypt.

    Trying to work out a good intervals for the tweets to keep people excited, but not spam them.

    A new block is created roughly every minute, so we have 1440 blocks a day.

    I was thinking of starting the tweets 1 week before the cutover so at hardfork block - (Minus) 10080 blocks

    Then once a day until 1 day out so

    hardfork block - 8640

    hardfork block - 7200

    hardfork block - 5760

    hardfork block - 4320

    hardfork block - 2880

    hardfork block - 1440

    Then at 12 hours out, so

    hardfork block - 720

    6 hours out

    hardfork block - 360

    1 hour out

    hardfork block - 60

    30 minutes

    hardfork block - 30

    10 minutes

    hardfork block - 10

    Then countdown the last 5 blocks before the hard fork

    Is this excessive?

    Should I do less tweets?

    Or do you think more?

    I also need to look into if I can make it tweet out the address of the first Neoscrypt block found

    Comments anyone?

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Re: Hard Fork tweet bot. Sounds cool, and about right number.

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Got done over on the SDHC card I bought today, tried a different brand from my local supermarket, its going back tomorrow as its access speeds are so bad the pi hangs waiting to write, once I get a brand I know is good I will work on compiling feathercoind so I can work on the tweet bot.

    I need to have it ready before the announcement as I can see a few nights twiddling before it will be ready to go

  • | Tip null

    What brand of SDHC card did you get?

    Also, Was it a class 10?

    Id recommend jaycars cards but they have no change of mind policy for data storage products… Only standard warranty.

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    The card was a Lexar.

    Class 10 is to do with the speed it can read and write.

    I normally buy Sandisk Ultra class 10 which work well.

    Coles will exchange without an argument, but even if they did I would read them the consumer act the product was not fit for purpose.

    Reading and writing to SDHC cards by Pi is very different to how cameras do, so what if fine for cameras may not be for a Pi, due to the fact the Pi does nots of small and read writes, not large writes like single photos.

  • | Tip null

    Oh ok. This is good to know as I sell arduino and also sdhc cards.

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Just gone all out and bought a SanDisk Extreme Class 10 UHS-1 card which going by the other peoples reports with the PI should make read times 10 to 15% faster and write times %25 to %30 faster, exactly what you want for running coind due to its high volume of rading and writing it will do.

    We will see if it was actually worth the extra $18 over a normal class 10 device tonight.

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  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Added Raspberry PI Feathercoin Full Node to my list

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    My new Raspberry Pi B+ and new touchscreen have just arrived, so soon I will start on my arcade payment device V2

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Have just started to setup the new Raspberry Pi for my arcade payment device V2, but I expect this one will take me a couple of weeks to put together

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Look forward to seeing this 🙂

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Its on a few days pause as I just received myself a 3D printer and I just can’t help myself spending all my free time playing with this at the moment.

    Although I do have the display built and the new kernel loaded onto the Pi to make it work.

    I’ve also installed most of the Python modules I need.

  • | Tip null

    We have a 3d printing “pen” at work now. What’s your thought on those tmuir?

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Wow just searched for those and they are pretty amazing. Would be great to designers making prototypes. 🙂

  • | Tip mirrax

    We have a 3d printing “pen” at work now. What’s your thought on those tmuir?

    You mean glue-gun? 😃

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    We have a 3d printing “pen” at work now. What’s your thought on those tmuir?

    Sorry I missed this post until now.

    I’ve never used the 3d printing ‘pens’ but have seen them.

    I think they might be fun or of interest for those with artistic ability, to create interesting 3D art, but not sure how practical they are for other things

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