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NeoScrypt GPU Testers Wanted for MinerX

  • Scammer

    Is GPU miner for Windows only?

  • Moderators

    Is GPU miner for Windows only?

    Definitively NO!

    Actually the development is mainly done on Linux. 😃

  • AMD 6770 GPU

    AMD 6850 GPU

    AMD 6870 GPU

    AMD 7850 HIS GPU

    AMD 7870 HIS GPU

    AMD 7950 MSI GPU

    AMD 7970 MSI GPU

  • 7990 (7970x2) and 270x asus

    will give it a try

    where do I get this? 🙂

  • Regular Member

    I’m mining with Sapphire Dual-X R9-280x, Gigabyte R9-280x and Sapphire R9-290 on the p2pool

    280x -g 2 -I 14 -w 48 => 95-100khs

    290 -g 2 -I 14 -w 32 => 100-110khs

    • Xubuntu 12.04

    • AMD Catalyst 13.12

    • AMD ADL SDK 6.0

    • AMDAPP SDK 2.9

    • cgminer 3.7.7b

  • Have Sapphire R9-290OC, XFX R9-290X double dissipation, and HIS R9-280x to test this with, if testing is still needed.

    Win7x64, AMD8350 CPU, 16gb ram rig, plenty of headroom…

  • Team Infrastructure

    R9 290 config added but its not in the latest built, sorry need to push out another version this week.

    More configs still needed.

    Especially NVIDIA ones.

  • ATI MSI R9 280x

    ATI Asus R9 280x

    ATI Gigabyte R9 280x

    ATI MSI R9 290

    ATI Gigabyte R9 290

    Nvidia 550Ti

  • **GPU (including manufacture):2 EVGA GTX580’s 1.5GB **
    Mining program(s):cgminer 3.7.7b
    Drivers: Geforce 344.48
    GPU Core Clock: 772
    GPU Memory Clock: 2100
    Thread Concurrency:
    Average KH/s: 54-56 each
    The rest of your miner settings: -I 12 -w 64 -g 2

    Any thing else ou deem important:

    Changes to threads gave little improvement My cards didn’t like anything over 2

    raising intensity to 13 or 14 + or - 5 kh\s but less mining was being done

    Any higher than 64 cards were disabled\hw errors

    tried 128 and 512 crashed right away

    I tracked memory usage average was about 850MB-650MB

    CPU gets pegged at 100%

  • Regular Member

    Pitcairn PROs are getting left out. (Radeon 7850) I have two.

    ATI catalyst v13 and AMD APP SDK(OpenCL)

    Debian 7.8

    Average KH/sec: 96.18 (lower hash on windows and it crashes when browsing the net)

    cgminer --neoscrypt --no-submit-stale -w 32 --intensity 13

    cgminer v3.7.8


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