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FTC's future

  • | Tip kelsey

    thanks MrWyrm for your support.

    i’m not trying to be a dictator with this, just good to get clear if ftc plan is inline with mine, before i commit too much time, as well as too avoid needless future conflict.

    i’d be happy to freely give my time to help with ftc, however the POS idea seems to be constantly proping up (ie look at shadowhh32 and Lizhi’s recent comments), again almost seems like a done deal.

    also where is Bushstar? chrisj?

    hell be good to have a roll call of those who are active/wish to become more active?

  • | Tip abigail

    I see the Feathercoin website is using Wordpress, I use this very often if I can be of assistance in any way please let me know I am very happy to volunteer some time.

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    I’m working on the new site this week. I could really use some help with the content. Feel free to drop me a PM.

  • | Tip kelsey

    yet again another one of Lizhi posts scares me (pow alternative meeting thread).

    step back please everyone, todate no ones even given a reason for ftc existance, yet now all i see is adhoc attempts at survival, and that appoarch will insure ftc doesn’t survive (in any meaningful fashion).

    mud map ok guys.

    1. stop any and all core changes (simple and temporary).


    1. roll call on whos still around, skills and what they can do/offer etc

    2. stated goal/purpose for feathercoin

    3. plan of action

    adhoc approaches don’t work, failing to plan is planning to fail.

  • Regular Member | Tip shadowhh32

    Again I see a lot of Face slamming. Can we knock this shit off and get back to work?

    I have the requested UI changes in the works but Im having difficulty getting all the QT Creator ‘units’ in place. What I have uses a Android external lib on runtime, which isnt what we want. The other setup I have isnt finding any of the android SDK/NDKs I have. I have yet to work out the OSX/iOS build environment variables. Ming32 lib environment isnt setup yet either. What I have is Linux 64/32 build environment.

    Change is enevitable. DEAL WITH IT. THe ui is drab looking right now, it needs the facelift. POW and DPOS changes are still pending, I see a lot of code elsewhere that hasnt been gone thru yet. I see a lot of proposals and no code changes YET. So quit your bitching about we are going this way or that way when WE HAVENT GONE THERE YET.

    DPOS would add in the voting system, I dont see the harm in it.Changes proposed would also ease mining.

    I take it you havent mined anything in awhile…

    We have people TRYING to get on board or that are already onboard with the code and website. I still see some lack of code changes. And the mobile site is just broken.We are missing images on the main site again. We are trying to get ideas to propose to the code team to push to git. I see a lot of back treading when change needs to happen. The CODE IS OLD. There has only been ONE change in how many months? So when do we call this project DEAD? The less changes, the more DEAD we are. And Im just talking about GIT here, not the website or API. We have NO blockchain explorer, a dead exchange rate, an app which needs some changes, and website which need some help.

    Either get onboard or quit bitching. Some of us dont have access right now to make the changes needed.

  • Regular Member | Tip zerodrama

    All protocol changes should go to the back burner.

    We need momentum not band-aids.

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    We have NO blockchain explorer, a dead exchange rate, an app which needs some changes, and website which need some help.

    Either get onboard or quit bitching. Some of us dont have access right now to make the changes needed.

    This is where we are going wrong IMO. Feathercoin is a technology, other than the blockchain it’s not a service provider. Peter is a service provider, the website, forum, API and Blockexplorer are all services he provides, I’m presuming at a loss. This isn’t a sustainable model. I’d like to see more services run by trusted third parties and I’d like to see them cover their own costs.

    Going back to DPoS, service providers would logically make good delegates, so the very same people who provide services for the community benefit from the mining rewards rather than GPU/ASIC/Energy companies.

    I’m currently of the opinion that Feathercoin’s current chain should remain PoW with the same inflation model, it was designed that way as people have invested in that model. However I’d really like to see us experiment more and create a second feathercoin DPoS chain from genesis. For this to be fair, the second chain would need it’s own tokens and tokens would be non-transferable. We can then look to support our infrastructure and technology and look to develop cool features like Decentralised exchanges and counter party assets and many other cool things.

  • Regular Member | Tip shadowhh32

    So what are you proposing? The website can be run by a few individuals. The blockchain explorer as mentioned on another post(or explorers) is up but nobody knows its up because of all the dead links. We need to point somewhere.

    https ://coinplorer.com/ftc

    https ://bchain.info/FTC

    https ://bitinfocharts.com/feathercoin/explorer

    (Lizhi) http://block.ftc-c.com/

    So who is going to maintain the site and forum? Someone else? That SHOULD be done in house. Preferably by more than one person.

    The blockexplorer I just mentioned, leaving the API. Lately the sites seem kind of slow.

    Maybe we need a maintenance FTC url to keep the site and forum going? I dont know about yall but only pay around $10/mo with dreamhost for the entire domain and ftp server.

    $50/mo … $100/mo… Still think we need a donation link(possibly in BTC). Im mean its not like we pull funds from miners to stay alive or anything…

    Forking anew can be done. Theres a BIG GIANT button on Github just for this.

    Im only working on branding and some semantical bitcoin->feathercoin internal changes.Seems we copied the bitcoin code but never rebranded it.

    We still had bitcoin logos lying around in places…

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    There is no house. You can’t have in-house. Feathercoin is a technology. This website is a related service run by a few trusted individuals, one of which is me. But don’t let my admin badge fool you, I’m not in charge, it’s open source software. Feel free to contribute to the code

    I’m just suggesting an alternative. A separation of services and technology. No ‘official’ services. Just competing service providers.

    It would work brilliantly under DPoS because there would be a direct incective to provide the best class of service. I expect delegates to be highly competitive.

  • | Tip mnstrcck

    All protocol changes should go to the back burner.

    We need momentum not band-aids.


  • | Tip Jake-R

    I will keep mining away with my GPU’s 😎

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