Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

Classic Feathercoin(scrypt)

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    It seems we have some competition. Some apparently LIKE the old scrypt variety. I dont see the point in it, the more you push ASIC mining, the less actual users will mine it. The more ASICs, the less GPU people you have and the more centralized the coin becomes. Anyways, OLD SCHOOL Feathercoin people and non-converted pools should sync up to this. https://feathercoinclassic.wordpress.com/. Found the link trying to get my BTCS wallet back in sync.

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    We found this a while back. Tis the beauty of open source 😄

    Could you sync up to this? Surely it has it’s own genesis block and it’s own tokens? You could point your scrypt hashing power at it. I wonder if they are using ACP?

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    I would be interested in the technical data, too.
    I hope they didn’t just refuse to follow the hard fork to move to Neoscrypt and stick with the old 0.6.x version of the wallet.
    While it would do no harm to any of the coin ‘flavours’ it would create confusion amongst the users.

    I checked the link you provided. It seems they use the very old schema, with time to block of 2.5 minutes and 200 FTCC per block.
    also the hashrate is relatively low:

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    It has it’s own tokens.

    It’s github is here : https://github.com/cryptoguy71/FTCC

    It’s bitcoin talk thread is here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=968037.0

    bitcointalk said:

    FeatherCoin Classic (FTCC) is an experimental CryptoCurrency that you earn through mining or purchasing FTCC off the Crypto Exchange. Like BitCoin or LiteCoin you can send FTCC to anyone you like as long as they have a FeatherCoin Classic Wallet.The purpose for FeatherCoin Classic (FTCC) is to give the many Scrypt ASIC miners a blast from the past along with a great coin to mine. The FTCC Team is hopeful that FeatherCoin Classic becomes the preferred LiteCoin Clone to mine and everyone is welcome to join in on this mining bonanza that we are all involved in these days. It will be a favorite of seasoned veteran miners along with individuals that have yet to mine and want to learn. This is the place to come for fun along with the ability to make decent profits through mining.

    Lets keep the FUD to a nonexistent level and move forward and challenge ourselves to see how many GH/s that we can obtain together in order to support this soon to be giant network of miners. Lets show everyone that a LiteCoin Clone can indeed become a top ranked Coin. Spread the word for everyone to join us here and do our best to hit minimum 50 GH/s Mining Network. This is a chance to both make history and relieve the past at the same time.

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    Looks great, I’m going to take a look and see how it goes

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