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Knock Knock? How many GNU/Linux users are needed to change a light bulb?

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    How many GNU/Linux users are needed to change a light bulb?


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    that’s a good one 😉

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    How many Feathercoin forum members does it take to change a lightbulb?

    1 to post a thread in the Feathercoin Forum saying that the bulb has burnt out.
    1 to tell him his post should have been in “Support” not mining
    1 to tell him the second was wrong and his post should actually be in “Technical Development”.
    1 to suggest to try to turn the lamp on through feathercoind command line instructions.
    1 to complain that Neoscrypt broke the thread.
    1 to ask what bulb Litecoin would install?
    25 to suggest all the kinds of existing and imaginable lightbulbs that could be be added as functionality to the feathercoin wallet.
    5 who say that the burnt bulb is an upstream issue with a Bitcoin BIP that doesn’t belong to the FTC. There’s an open bug on the Bitcoin Github issues list about it.
    1 noob to point out the Windows binary lightbulb works fine.
    250 to follow jabots instructions and swarm the noob’s mail address with requests to let FTC on his exchange.
    1 former FTC member, who still frequents the forum, to suggest to install an Darkcoin Bulb, which has privacy built in and is anonymous.
    2 to post that Darkcoin Bulbs are just vapourware and would rely on POS instead of POW which is not compatible with Satoshi’s original vision of a new lightbulb.
    5 to post that their type of natural product is twice as effective as viagra, and here’s the website to visit…
    1 to suggest there is no future in alternate lightbulbs, we should look at genetically modifying our eyes to see in the dark.

    cc from shoutbox 🙂