Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version

[Dev] Feathercoin * Maintenance fix, build & upgrade issues notes.

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    The first time it does preliminary checks it says hash is different to what it then goes straight through CheckProofOfWork()…


    then :


    2017-09-13 12:48:46 CheckProofOfWork() hash=d31a46d558974e7b07c6f63a594bfba0fa435659ebca05108f669f58a6d34cfc 
    2017-09-13 12:48:46 CheckProofOfWork() nBits=472148865 
    2017-09-13 12:48:46 CheckProofOfWork() bnTarget.getuint256=00000000246b8100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 
    2017-09-13 12:48:46 ERROR: matches claimed amount, CheckProofOfWork() : hash doesn't match nBits
    2017-09-13 12:48:46 CheckProofOfWork() hash=000000001bc0c162a3676627559a0ec6f62dd9876ad63d8382859d2ead802875 

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    Neoscrypt is little endian, may be a byte swap will do the trick.

    Was fighting with that for p2pool already.

    Here is the python code snippet to get it running in p2pool.

     getwork._swap4(pack.IntType(256).pack(x['previous_block'])).encode('hex'), # prevhash
            x['coinb1'].encode('hex'), # coinb1
            x['coinb2'].encode('hex'), # coinb2
            [pack.IntType(256).pack(s).encode('hex') for s in x['merkle_link']['branch']], # merkle_branch
            getwork._swap4(pack.IntType(32).pack(x['version'])).encode('hex'), # version
            getwork._swap4(pack.IntType(32).pack(x['bits'].bits)).encode('hex'), # nbits
            getwork._swap4(pack.IntType(32).pack(x['timestamp'])).encode('hex'), # ntime

    Definition of swap4:

    def _swap4(s):
    if len(s) % 4:
        raise ValueError()
    return ''.join(s[x:x+4][::-1] for x in xrange(0, len(s), 4))

    Not sure, how to realize that in C++

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    Testing head

    @Wellenreiter @Bushstar
    I have tested head and am unable to compile with --qrcodes=yes

    undefined reference to ` QRCodeDialog::QRCodeDialog(QString const&, QString const&, bool, QWidget*)’

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    try --with-gui=qt5

    qt4 support is broken in 0.9x, but tested first and then selected by configure.

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    I am compiling with the standard switches, exactly the same as before, except now qrcodes=no

    ./configure --with-gui=qt5 --enable-tests=no --enable-upnp-default --with-qrcode=no --enable-wallet=yes --enable-shared --disable-hardening LDFLAGS="-L${BDB_PREFIX}/lib/" CPPFLAGS="-I${BDB_PREFIX}/include/" CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS -fPIC -m64 -std=c++11"

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    Then check, if you have a qrcodedialog in the …/qt/forms directory.

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    I’ve git cloned from head. There is nothing missing and I haven’t done anything to it except add my build.sh and change my compile to qrcodes=no to get it compile…

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    Bitcoin 0.9.x Backports 2



    Disable SSLv3 (in favor of TLS) for the RPC client and server.

    TLS is subject to downgrade attacks when SSLv3 is available, and
    SSLv3 has vulnerabilities.

    The popular solution is to disable SSLv3. On the web this breaks
    some tiny number of very old clients. While Bitcoin RPC shouldn’t
    be exposed to the open Internet, it also shouldn’t be exposed to
    really old SSL implementations, so it shouldn’t be a major issue
    for us to disable SSLv3.

    There is more information on the downgrade attacks and disabling
    SSLv3 at https://disablessl3.com/ .


    -  context.set_options(ssl::context::no_sslv2);
    +  context.set_options(ssl::context::no_sslv2 | ssl::context::no_sslv3);


    -    rpc_ssl_context->set_options(ssl::context::no_sslv2);
    +    rpc_ssl_context->set_options(ssl::context::no_sslv2 | ssl::context::no_sslv3);

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    Consensus: guard against openssl’s new strict DER checks

     0.9 (#106) 

    New versions of OpenSSL will reject non-canonical DER signatures. However,
    it’ll happily decode them. Decode then re-encode before verification in order
    to ensure that it is properly consumed.

    Github-Pull: #5634


    -        // -1 = error, 0 = bad sig, 1 = good
    -        if (ECDSA_verify(0, (unsigned char*)&hash, sizeof(hash), &vchSig[0], vchSig.size(), pkey) != 1)
    -        return true;
    +        // New versions of OpenSSL will reject non-canonical DER signatures. de/re-serialize first.
            unsigned char *norm_der = NULL;
    +        ECDSA_SIG *norm_sig = ECDSA_SIG_new();
    +        const unsigned char* sigptr = &vchSig[0];
    +        d2i_ECDSA_SIG(&norm_sig, &sigptr, vchSig.size());
    +        int derlen = i2d_ECDSA_SIG(norm_sig, &norm_der);
    +        ECDSA_SIG_free(norm_sig);
    +        if (derlen <= 0)
    +        // -1 = error, 0 = bad sig, 1 = good
    +        bool ret = ECDSA_verify(0, (unsigned char*)&hash, sizeof(hash), norm_der, derlen, pkey) == 1;
    +        OPENSSL_free(norm_der);
    +        return ret;

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    @Bushstar - ufo fails to build on Ubuntu, here is the fix for the issue …


    chainparams boost version fixes :

    chainparams.cpp ~L73

          //base58Prefixes[PUBKEY_ADDRESS] = list_of(27);
            base58Prefixes[PUBKEY_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,27); 
              // base58Prefixes[SCRIPT_ADDRESS] = list_of(5);
            base58Prefixes[SCRIPT_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,5);
            // base58Prefixes[SECRET_KEY] =     list_of(128);
            base58Prefixes[SECRET_KEY] =     std::vector<unsigned char>(1,128);
            // base58Prefixes[EXT_PUBLIC_KEY] = list_of(0x04)(0x88)(0xB2)(0x1E);
            base58Prefixes[EXT_PUBLIC_KEY] = boost::assign::list_of(0x04)(0x88)(0xB2)(0x1E).convert_to_container<std::vector<unsigned char> >();
            // base58Prefixes[EXT_SECRET_KEY] = list_of(0x04)(0x88)(0xAD)(0xE4);
            base58Prefixes[EXT_SECRET_KEY] = boost::assign::list_of(0x04)(0x88)(0xAD)(0xE4).convert_to_container<std::vector<unsigned char> >();

    chainparams.cpp ~153

            // base58Prefixes[PUBKEY_ADDRESS] = list_of(111);
            base58Prefixes[PUBKEY_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,111);
            // base58Prefixes[SCRIPT_ADDRESS] = list_of(196);
            base58Prefixes[SCRIPT_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,196);
            // base58Prefixes[SECRET_KEY]     = list_of(239);
            base58Prefixes[SECRET_KEY]     = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,2399);
            // base58Prefixes[EXT_PUBLIC_KEY] = list_of(0x04)(0x35)(0x87)(0xCF);
            base58Prefixes[EXT_PUBLIC_KEY] = boost::assign::list_of(0x04)(0x35)(0x87)(0xCF).convert_to_container<std::vector<unsigned char> >();
            // base58Prefixes[EXT_SECRET_KEY] = list_of(0x04)(0x35)(0x83)(0x94);
            base58Prefixes[EXT_SECRET_KEY] = boost::assign::list_of(0x04)(0x35)(0x83)(0x94).convert_to_container<std::vector<unsigned char> >();

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    main.cpp Logprintf \n


    • main.cpp - return LogPrintf CheckBlockHeader() to being error message.

    • Leave others as is.

      LogPrintf("CheckBlockHeader() : block with timestamp before last checkpoint");
      LogPrintf("| ");
      LogPrintf("| ");
      LogPrintf("| ");
      LogPrintf("%s : Deserialize or I/O error - %s", __func__, e.what());


    Actioin Fix all missing \n in LogPrintf() errors

      // if (fDebug) LogPrintf("FindStealthTransactions() tx:%s,", tx.GetHash().GetHex().c_str());
      // if (fDebug) LogPrintf("StealthSecret.....");
      LogPrintf("CommitTransaction() : Error: Transaction not valid");
      LogPrintf("SendMoney() : %s", strError);


    Action left as original

     //   LogPrintf("%s: Warning: %s when cancelling acceptor", __func__, ec.message());
     //   LogPrintf("%s: Warning: %s when cancelling timer", __func__, ec.message());


    Action Correct message reference to Bitcoin. Correct / check - Translation text.

     file << strprintf("# Wallet dump created by Bitcoin %s (%s)\n", CLIENT_BUILD, CLIENT_DATE);


    Action No action, dev can fix when they uncomment.

     // if (fDebug)printf("updateAddressBalance GetDepthInMainChain %d\n", wtx.GetDepthInMainChain());
    // if (fDebug)printf("updateAddressBalance nValue %s\n", BitcoinUnits::formatWithUnit(model->getOptionsModel()->getDisplayUnit(), txout.nValue).toStdString().c_str());
    // if (fDebug)printf("updateAddressBalance nAmount %s\n", BitcoinUnits::formatWithUnit(model->getOptionsModel()->getDisplayUnit(), nAmount).toStdString().c_str());


    Action Most left as is, couple reviewed and commented out.

    LogPrintf("COrphan(hash=%s, dPriority=%.1f, dFeePerKb=%.1f)\n", ptx->GetHash().ToString(), dPriority, dFeePerKb);
     LogPrintf("   setDependsOn %s\n", hash.ToString());
        bool fPrintPriority = GetBoolArg("-printpriority", false);
     LogPrintf("ERROR: mempool transaction missing input\n");
            if (fPrintPriority)
                LogPrintf("priority %.1f feeperkb %.1f txid %s\n", dPriority, dFeePerKb, tx.GetHash().ToString());
     LogPrintf("CreateNewBlock(): total size %u\n", nBlockSize);
     //// debug print
     LogPrintf("proof-of-work found  \n  hash: %s  \ntarget: %s\n", hash.GetHex(), hashTarget.GetHex());
     LogPrintf("generated %s\n", FormatMoney(pblock->vtx[0].vout[0].nValue));
     LogPrintf("FeathercoinMiner started\n");
     LogPrintf("Running FeathercoinMiner with %u transactions in block (%u bytes)\n", pblock->vtx.size(),
     LogPrintf("hashmeter %6.0f khash/s\n", dHashesPerSec/1000.0);
     LogPrintf("FeathercoinMiner terminated\n");


    Action No action left as is.

       LogPrintf("%+d  ", n);
       LogPrintf("|  ");

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    Debug messages remaining.

    2017-09-22 10:00:20   nActualTimespan = 23  before bounds
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 RETARGET: nActualTimespanShort = 61, nActualTimespanMedium = 55, nActualTimespanLong = 65, nActualTimeSpanAvg = 60, nActualTimespan (damped) = 60
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 CheckProofOfWork() hash=000000000c459c4744ba2c6d04f1b3b137d8d4bad5ca8eed9abd5cf95f8a18fc 
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 CheckProofOfWork() nBits=470597168 
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 CheckProofOfWork() bnTarget.getuint256=000000000cbe3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 CheckProofOfWork() hash=000000000c459c4744ba2c6d04f1b3b137d8d4bad5ca8eed9abd5cf95f8a18fc 
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 CheckProofOfWork() nBits=470597168 
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 CheckProofOfWork() bnTarget.getuint256=000000000cbe3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 
    2017-09-22 10:00:20 UpdateTip: new best=5e454165c26d7d2115e564511ba041e05da416286607eb95cb724845e3fde581  height=1893653  log2_work=58.112033  tx=3857100  date=2017-09-22 07:31:49 progress=0.999833

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    Re : -dumpwallet - https://github.com/FeatherCoin/Feathercoin/issues/236


    file << strprintf("# Wallet dump created by Bitcoin %s (%s)\n", CLIENT_BUILD, CLIENT_DATE);

    Todo / Test : Compare with @ghostlanders FTC 0.8.4 version?


    Re: @looarn

    Here what I found today, don’t know if it’s a known issue ?

    Basicly dumpwallet, only dump header, the content of the wallet doesn’t show.

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    Bitcoin 0.9.3 potential backports to FTC

    Action: not implemented

    consensus: guard against openssl’s new strict DER checks

    New versions of OpenSSL will reject non-canonical DER signatures. However,
    it’ll happily decode them. Decode then re-encode before verification in order
    to ensure that it is properly consumed.

    Github-Pull: #5634
    Rebased-From: 488ed32



    Action: not implemented

    fail immediately on an empty signature

    Github-Pull: #5634
    Rebased-From: 8dccba6/b8e81b7ccd4490155e3345fc73346ff8c3a77524

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    Bug in FTC 0.9.6.xxx


    Confimed same bug in FTC.


    `static CBlock CreateGenesisBlock(const char* pszTimestamp, const CScript& genesisOutputScript, uint32_t nTime, uint32_t nNonce, uint32_t nBits, int32_t nVersion, const CAmount& genesisReward)
    CMutableTransaction txNew;
    txNew.nVersion = 1;

    /// In this line where 486604799 ==> 1d00ffff Which is Bitcoin’s nBits value Should not be used
    /// but instead 504365040 this value should have been used. I don’t know if it can cause any problem
    /// that’s what i found and I wanted to share.
    txNew.vin[0].scriptSig = CScript() << 486604799 << CScriptNum(4) << std::vector((const unsigned char*)pszTimestamp, (const unsigned char*)pszTimestamp + strlen(pszTimestamp));
    txNew.vout[0].nValue = genesisReward;
    txNew.vout[0].scriptPubKey = genesisOutputScript;

    CBlock genesis;
    genesis.nTime = nTime;
    genesis.nBits = nBits;
    genesis.nNonce = nNonce;
    genesis.nVersion = nVersion;
    genesis.hashMerkleRoot = BlockMerkleRoot(genesis);
    return genesis;


    From FTC —


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    This looks like a worthwhile update to Zxing, gives improved edge detection for QR codes and more java code converted to C++.