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  • | Tip bahli

    We have added some new features and improvements at Luckygames

    *Highlighting the available balance for each coin on TIP/RAIN/EXCHANGE pages.


    Hidden Tips. You can show or hide your transfer from now in public chat.

    *You can exclude the players you ignored from the Rain you are going to make.


    Captcha verification on* TIP/RAIN/EXCHANGE** pages was removed.*

    Banned accounts are not allowed to send tips anymore.

    You can choose available assets and balances to show only in the cryptocurrencies list on the main page.

  • | Tip BeauLion

    Can I win feathercoins and bet with FTC?

  • | Tip bahli

    Of course @beaulion thats the point to play and win FTC.
    Best of luck!

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    alt text
    I’m glad to announce that finally we added AUTO mode on Roulette 🙂

    It works a little different from the Balls or Dice auto, therefore I would suggest you to test it with your LUCKY-tokens before playing on real money.

    You will find that each bet you placed on the same grid on Red/Odd/19-36/Single number and etc. are independent from each other.

    For example we bet 1 LUCKY on Red and 1 LUCKY on Black with 100% increment on loss. If Red wins - the amount you placed on Black will increase while the Red bet will stay unchanged.

    Also the Reverse Bet option is something different, then you may saw before.

    There are some variations when Reverse Bet option is enabled

    1. Bet on 1-18 will change to 19-36
    2. Bet on Even will change to Odd
    3. Bet on Black will change to Red
    4. Bet on 1st 12 will change to 2nd 12
    5. Bet on 2nd 12 will change to 3rd 12
    6. Bet on 3rd 12 will change to 1st 12
    7. Bet on number 3 will change to number 15
    8. Bet on number 6 will change to number 18
      and so on…

    Zero number is irreversible.

    Also the roulette design was a little refreshed. I hope you’ll like it 🙂

    And finally, there are some changes in Roulette and Balls Jackpot rules:

    Hit the bet in which the last 6 digits of ID will be equal to the last 6 digits of Result Number

    Best of luck playing 🙂

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    For the purpose of preventing spam, all accounts must be level 1 and 1 day old at least to send messages in Chat and PM.

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    alt text

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    1 BTC CONTEST!!!

    Hello everybody, I want to inform you that Luckygames after successfully 30,000,000,000th bet giveaway have created one more awesome contest for their players with amazing 1B PRIZE POOL.
    0.5 for the WINNER, 0.3 for the runner up and 0.2 for the third and consolation prize for the fourth 30 days VIP.
    The contest will run for the 30 days.
    Currently you can take first spot if you wager just 3BTC.

    alt text

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    Still plenty of time to take your chances at 1[btc] wagering contest!

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    Due to Ethereum network overload, all stuck withdrawals were resent with higher fee and confirmed by the network already. Sorry for the inconveniences.

    Play now!

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    This post is deleted!

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    You are able to play using 72 cryptocurrencies and, if you want, exchange them in a few clicks. Provably Fair system makes your game 100% manipulation free. Low House Edge (1%) provides a reasonable opportunity to win. We are always open for your feedbacks and suggestions that may help to improve ourselves and our favorite website. Luckygames will make you feel lucky for real.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Mega monthly contest with over 1 Bitcoin in prizes starting soon!

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    VeChain (VEN) tokens mainnet swap to VeChainThor (VET) at a ratio of 1 VEN = 100 VET has occurred. Exchange enabled. Deposits / Withdrawals are disabled untill the moment we are sure that it’s safe for our users.

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    alt text

    Site is back online. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

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    Hello Luckygames Community!

    Long time there was no any big giveaway! So let’s rectify this!
    We are pleased to announce 40,000+ XLM Giveaway to the upcoming 40,000,000,000th Bet.
    This time there will be 4 events and more than 100 possible winners, so more chance to win!

    1st Event (Hunt the Bet ID)

    You need to hit the bet ids given below. Each winner takes 400 XLM and 5 Days VIP (Total 50 Winners).



    Luckygames account level = 5.
    Stellar Lumens (XLM) can be used only to place bets. Minimum bet amount - 0.01 XLM.
    Each player can score only ONCE. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
    Multi-tabs / more than 1 session or JS bots are not allowed.
    Next bet id will be taken, if current bet or account not pass the requirements.
    The prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.

    2nd Event (Hacker Game Challenge)

    Players who win in the 1st event are NOT able to participate.

    You need to hack 38 out of 38 websites in the Hacker game as fast as you can. The first 50 winners will take 400 XLM and 5 Days VIP. The event will start after 40,010,000,000 bet, so watch out!

    Post your winning bet id in the comments on the forums in the giveaway thread using this format.

    Bet ID: 40,010,545,323
    Luckygames Account: (your account)


    Players who win in the 1st event are NOT able to participate.
    Luckygames account level = 5.
    The bets made before 40,010,000,000 bet won’t be taken.
    Minimum bet amount - 1 LUCKY.
    Each player can score only ONCE. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
    Multi-tabs / more than 1 session or JS bots are not allowed.
    It’s NOT allowed to edit a message - post new message instead.
    The prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.

    3rd Event (Predict and Win)

    You need to predict 3 lucky numbers from 0 to 99 which you think will be rolled for
    40,000,000,000, 40,000,000,001 and 40,000,000,002 bets.

    If you hit 1 roll number, you win 200 XLM and 3 DAYS VIP!
    If you hit 2 roll numbers, you win 300 XLM and 5 DAYS VIP!
    If you hit 3 roll numbers, you win 400 XLM and 7 DAYS VIP!

    Post your prediction numbers in the comments bellow using this format.

    Roll Numbers: 0, 50, 99
    Luckygames Account: (your account)


    Luckygames account level = 5.
    Each player can submit prediction only ONCE. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
    If we find that you used multi-accounts to post different predictions, you will be disqualified.
    It’s NOT allowed to edit a message - post new message instead.
    Next bet id will be taken, in case of 2 same roll numbers,.
    The prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.

    1 BTC Players Contest

    Players (Wagering) Contest with 1 BTC Prize Pool will be held on the next day since we hit the 40th billion bet. See the page Contests!
    1st Place - 0.5 BTC and 30 Days VIP
    2nd Place - 0.3 BTC and 30 Days VIP
    3rd Place - 0.2 BTC and 30 Days VIP
    4th Place - 30 Days VIP**


  • | Tip bahli

    Less than 100,000,000 bets left ~Approx 1 day we will hit that 40,000,000,000 bets milestone!

    Play now

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    Hey guys! Don’t miss our 40,000+ XLM Giveaway to the upcoming 40,000,000,000th Bet! 100+ Possible Winners and 4 Events! For more info visit Luckygames forum.
    In few hours we will hit this milestone, less than 20 million bets remaining.

  • | Tip bahli

    The 40,000,000,000th Bet Giveaway is Finished! We would like to congratulate our 144 Lucky Winners. This time we have given away 48,000 XLM (1.69 BTC) and 632 Days VIP! Thank you guys for staying with us tonight! It was really awesome 👍 Better luck next time for those who didn’t win 😉 Have a great time on LG!