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Old Production Version: 0.16

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[Guide] Solo mining for Feathercoin and Neoscrypt

  • [FAQ] How do I solo mine Feathercoin?

    It is not recommenced to try mining solo unless you have a lot of hashing power like 8x GTX1070 or something in this ballpark otherwise its very unlikely that you will ever mine a block by yourself and yo may wait long periods without gaining a block.

    All you need is:

    Your Feathercoin wallet (feathercoin-qt.exe) fully synced

    A feathercoin.conf file in the data folder of the feathercoin wallet with this contents(wherever you installed feathercoin\data\feathercoin.conf):
    you have to have the wallet running while mining!
    restart the wallet after you have created this file:


    A fairly recent version of ccminer (rename .exe file to ccminer.exe (i didnt test others))
    i am using this one (ccminer_cuda75.exe):
    and a .bat /.cmd file with following content:

    ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -i 22 -o -u user -p pass

    The screen should look like this:

  • Moderators

    Amazing work!

  • @AcidD just collected all my files… it may help cause since im registered in this forum the question on how to solo mine raises sometimes…

  • Moderators

    @shadow1117 Thanks again, a lot of people were asking if it could be done.


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