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    wrapper, I make traditional style wood products with some modern innovations. But the bigger plan is to start a real trading post where I can use my products as currency like old time. I will trade in fiat cash also. But one of the main features is, I want to establish real trade routes, also like old time. But the one piece that I have not put together yet is form or currency that all my trade partners can agree on and use. I am thinking a crypto currency is the answer. There is a lot more to it, but this is the jist.

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    wrapper, Sardex is a crypto currency

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    Sardex, interesting but not a crypto currency. It is a complementary currency / mutual credit system.

    To understand how Sardex works, you have to abandon much of what you may think you know about money. There is no bank that prints Sardex notes; no algorithm that generates Sardex digital coins. Instead, it functions as a system of mutual credit: each firm begins at zero, earning the digital currency — equivalent to but non-exchangeable with the euro — as it offers goods or services to others in the network.


    I believe this type of application can be developed, like “Hull coin” (forking FTC or Bitcoin) and running as a private network.

    In order to facilitate such a development and make it secure, there would need to “Private Mining methods” and “Private Pools”. P2pool could already by modified, but private mining might be achieved with coded ASICs or a new Algorythm run on GPUs.

    The advantage of using a (already existing) coin like Feathercoin would be, a low cost maintenance system that would be viable in the long term, security by strength of miners and it already has it’s own algorythm.

    The disadvantage is (the development cost of your own system) would be spent on FTC, so you wouldn’t have as much influence on specific requirements.

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    Thanks wrapper, I have a lot to learn, but what I bring to the table is no bias. I like the concept of Sardex, i just think some elements of feather could complement it nicely, and I still think whoever comes up with software so brick and mortar, like myself, can buy to start my own currency would be a run a way hit. The soft ware would need fields that one could customize, like what is the name you ones currency, monthly doos to use the the currency, things like that. Someone needs to figure out how to make domestic private currency digital. With out looking it up, I think Massachusetts has one called Bircshire or something like that. Anyway I am here to learn, and tell people what sounds good to me and what does not. I don’t like mining so I never got involved with bitcoin and that may be the same reason most people do not get involved with it. It is fun for tech savy people, but they are having a hard time selling it to people who actually want to use cyber currency.

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    @alowberg There are a couple of points, the technical people doing the development aren’t usually the ones doing the selling.

    The other is the type of private blockchain you describe is available if you pay someone to do it. The whole idea of open source is you can fork all the code for an open source project, on Github, and modify it to your specific needs, as I explained with the Hullcoin example.

    This means that the blockchain technology does more than replace fiat money, it is a vanguard in the “new economy”. A small player, such as yourself, has access to the same base technology as all the Big Boys … companies.

    It does mean that person does need some interest and vision of use of technology. Your idea is quite interesting, probably best pursued by smart contracts in an established coin, but I’m interested what anyone else thinks.

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    This thread has got completely of topic, but something else that may relate to @alowberg’s requirements. Use of multisignature wallets.


    electrum-ltc wallet has built-in support for multi-sig.
    check out the documentation for bitcoin electrum.
    same procedures.


    Sender just needs to have add recipient’s master public key in his 2/2 multi-sig wallet.
    Every time sender sends something to the recipient’s address from his multi-sig wallet, it will require both the sender and recipient signatures in order to spend.

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    Wrapper, thank you for your patients with me, I have a lot to learn. I have studied block chain a little and see how that provides accountability. Right after I make this post I am going to study up on Github which I am unfamiliar with.
    Back to Sardex, I like that the value conferred on members must be paid back, either through making a profit in ones business, or I suppose one would have to sell other assets to make good their liability. This is where Sardex seems to be like the old gold standard.
    But here is what you may find interesting. I am a bit of an historian, and I like studying the history of trade routes and old currency, either beaver pelts in American, salt in India, or silk in the biggest, and greatest, and most prosperous trade route in history, the Silk Road. I am looking for a cryptocurrency to act like and replace one of these actual commodities and I want to package it (promote it) and use it in the same way. I am seeking to promote my whole business in historical terms, I think the time is right. Even the slogan of my business says a lot: The Future Is Back. I just do not want to go in any direction that seems to be a complete departure from the most successful trading methods the world has ever known. We left all that to go in a fiat way that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. The one thing I think we can eliminate is the danger. I mean trade routes were the place of many brutal robberies. Many died just cutting paths from one place to another. We can I believe establish new trade routes with new commodity backed crptocurrency with out the these dangers.
    I still do not like the cryptocurrency mining idea. My idea is, if you have a product and you are one of my trading partners, and if you are willing to put up your product as lets say a form or collateral, they you are welcome to buy and buy or sell using my crptocurrency, with me or with any of my trading partners up to the limit of your credit. Or you could just put money in your account to cover the use of our cryptocurrency.

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    This is now starting to read like Sardex spam…

    No offence meant.

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    @alowberg I was unable to reformat your post to make it readable, as the forum also then identified it as spam …

    As I said before, the post is off topic for the thread. This means you need to start your own thread.

    Re: I still do not like the cryptocurrency mining idea.

    Then I can’t help you, FTC is POW (proof of work) relies on mining to secure the blockchain and process transactions …

    This is your main point, perhaps try reposting it in “Off Topic”?

    My idea is, if you have a product and you are one of my trading partners, and if you are willing to put up your product as lets say a form or collateral, they you are welcome to buy and buy or sell using my crptocurrency, with me or with any of my trading partners up to the limit of your credit. Or you could just put money in your account to cover the use of our cryptocurrency.

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    Sorry wrapper, I thought I was just responding to comments. I did sign up for github. I will try starting a new topic. Might take me a day. Thanks

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    This post is deleted!

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    @alowberg As I say, this discusion is off topic, and Sardex is not a crypto currency, so you are effectively spamming. Making comments about members intentions is also against the Feathecoin forum code of conduct.

    My advise is to delete the comment, or I will be forced to delete it as a moderator…

    [Ref] Reputation : http://forum.feathercoin.com/users?section=sort-reputation


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    wrapper, I am going to let my comments stand, I do not like being maligned or my intentions misrepresented. I said I would start a new thread. I ought to be able to defend myself. I made my intentions very clear. I am sorry if I unintentionally got off topic, but starting a new thread as you suggest seems to be the answer, if it is not then we are done.

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    @wrapper, I also mentioned beaver pelts salt and silk in additions to Sardex, all successful trading tools and suggesting that perhaps we can learn from them, and saying these have some elements I am looking for. And you say that is spam, I am loosing confidence in feathercoin fast, if you all are that sensitive to any thought that we can learn from history or even modern history. I am also suggesting nich cyber currency could be very popular if someone were to write software that brick and mortar companies like myself can tailor to our needs. I am bringing it folks. I am a business and I want a crypto/cyber currency. Am I seeking what one day will rule the day, and are you going to send me elsewhere because I mentioned one cyber currency that has worked perfectly for all those involved in it.

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    No it is because you have continued to ignore the forum code of conduct by going off topic on someone else’s thread and insulted a respected member of the community, after he pointed out, quite politely, you were repeatedly “offending”.

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