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FTC qt questions

  • Regular Member

    So I managed to find my old wallet.dat, left qt to sync over night, still like 2 years behind.
    Does sync depends on network work? because I can download stuff at 11MB/s easy, but sync is very long.
    I was about to restart my PC, pressed exit qt, it offered me to save wallet, I did and I got a window “FTC core is shutting down… Don’t shut you pc down until window disappears.” and it’s been 2 hours already. Am I safe to just shut it down or data will get corrupted again? It got corrupted when I turned off qt after like 10 min sync.
    And last one. Me is stupid and me had to wait till 100% nyc. right?
    Note. I didn’t put my old wallet yet.

  • Regular Member

    Forced it to shut down, nothing bad happened, sync continues.
    1 Question remains:
    Does sync depends on network work? because I can download stuff at 11MB/s easy, but sync is very long.

  • Moderators

    We found out investigating the problem recently, the slow sync is not due to network speed, it is due to checking the blocks. The main issue being limited temporary memory space caused a problem when there were a lot of blocks to check. Whilst it doesn’t help you, these have been fixed in the next version, which we are starting to release, it can be compiled off Github.

    At 2 years sync, you should have passed the main problems.

    Also, Re - when funds appear, they are in the block chain, so you will see transactions from the time made, as they come in to your blockchain copy.

  • Moderators

    A known workaround for the slow of stalling sync is to restart the wallet.

    I you use the window close button ( x )in the upper right of the qt-window, it will close without asking for a backup of the wallet.

  • Regular Member

    Thank you for answers. Sync continues very well.


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