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List of oldest cryptos

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    Hi. Posting this on bitcointalk too for a few old coins. I know the feathercoin crowd is old and should have some good knowledge…here is my copy paste repost from bitcointalk:

    **Hi All! I’m creating a master list of the oldest cryptos still in circulation and being traded. Criteria for addition to the list is being listed somewhere on coinmarketcap. Low volume coins are OK, but coin must have a market cap to count.

    This list will be featured on a website I will promote. The purpose is to assert the value of older coins. So help is greatly appreciated and can benefit!

    I did this myself pretty quickly and I’m sure its full of errors still.

    2014 and forward I’m going to leave the list incomplete, but people are welcome to submit their coins and I will add them.

    2013 and before I want a hard list fully completed and will update if coins go defunct.

    Thanks for having a look!

    BTC 3/1/09
    NMC 18/4/11
    IXC 28/4/11
    LTC 9/10/11
    BCN 4/7/12
    PPC 19/8/12
    FLO 18/1/13
    QRK 21/1/13
    FTC 17/4/13
    BTB 3/5/13
    FRC 3/5/13
    DGC 18/5/13
    PXC 20/5/13
    WDC 14/5/13
    BTG 16/5/13
    SXC 28/5/13
    MEC 29/5/13
    FST 29/5/13
    IFC 5/6/13
    ANON 7/6/13
    ARG 12/6/13
    DEV 14/6/13
    EMD 17/6/13
    GLC 27/6/13
    RED 30/6/13
    XPM 8/7/13
    CSC 18/7/13
    ORB 30/7/13
    ZETA 4/8/13
    XRP 4/8/13
    SRC 10/8/13
    TGC 6/9/13
    TEK 7/9/13
    OMNI 9/9/13 (MST)
    XJO 22/9/13
    BLC 7/10/13
    DEM 15/10/13
    UNO 18/10/13
    TAG 25/10/13
    GRC 4/11/13
    BTS 5/11/13 (PTS)
    DOGE 8/12/13
    LOT 12/12/13
    EAC 21/12/13
    CAT 22/12/13
    TIPS 22/12/13
    RPC 28/12/13
    CAGE 2/1/14
    XCP 2/1/14
    42 5/1/14
    MEOW 5/1/14
    PAND 5/1/14
    CACH 6/1/14
    SMC 6/1/14
    NOBL 7/1/14
    NYAN 7/1/14
    PTC 7/1/14
    VTC 8/1/14
    USDE 11/1/14
    TES 16/1/14
    DASH 18/1/14 (DARK)
    TIT 20/1/14
    DOPE 22/1/14
    POT 22/1/14
    MRS 27/1/14
    HUC 28/1/14
    BELA 29/1/14
    MAX 29/1/14
    CORG 2/2/14
    AUR 3/2/14
    RIC 3/2/14
    MINT 6/2/14
    XMY 24/2/14
    ZEIT 26/2/14
    MAZA 8/3/14**

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    Great list, might be worth including main trading site. I was thinking of Megacoin, which initiated, Kimoto Gravity Well, but I’m not sure they’re traded anywhere?

  • | Tip bsotnikow

    @wrapper Thanks! I’ve got MEC on there near the top. Was it ever proven that Megavideo and Kim Dotcom were behind Megacoin? I always thought it was public knowledge, but looking it up now seems uncertain.

  • | Tip bsotnikow

    @wrapper Was thinking I might mimmick coinmarketcap links directly so website, block explorer, launch ann and then coinmarketcap page as well linked. Maintaining a list of which coins are on which markets is a lot of work, i’ll just link to cmc for that as well who do a great job of it already.

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    Megacoin never did and never will have anything to do with Kim Dot Com

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