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List of NeoScrypt Powered Coins - Bitcointalk Forum (updated)

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    NeoScrypt, a Strong Memory Intensive Key Derivation Function (white paper)

    List of NeoScrypt Powered Coins
    This is a complete list of coins using NeoScrypt for their proof-of-work (PoW).
    The following list is in a chronological order.

    • Phoenixcoin (PXC) switched on the 13-Aug-2014, Scrypt previously (PoW);
    • Imperialcoin (IPC) switched on the 21-Oct-2014, Scrypt previously (PoW);
    • Feathercoin (FTC) switched on the 26-Oct-2014, Scrypt previously (PoW);
    • UFOcoin (UFO) switched on the 27-Oct-2014, Scrypt previously (PoW);
    • Guncoin (GUN) switched on the 28-Oct-2014, Scrypt previously (PoW);
    • Bollywoodcoin (BDC) launched on the 30-Nov-2014 (PoW);
    • Orbitcoin (ORB) switched on the 13-Dec-2014, Scrypt previously (PoW/PoS);
    • Halcyon (HAL) switched on the 20-Dec-2014, X15 previously (PoW/PoS);
    • Vivocoin (VIVO) launched on the 22-Aug-2017 (PoW);
    • Trezarcoin (TZC) launched on the 4-Sep-2017 (PoW/PoS);
    • Desire (DESIRE) launched on the 15-Oct-2017 (PoW);
    • Innova (INN) launched on the 19-Oct-2017 (PoW);
      p/s - wishing this neoscrypt-algo ‘will & can’ be an ‘asic-chip resistant’… as long as it can be…!!! 🤗 🤗 🤗

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