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FTC Price Prediction END OF 2018

  • Regular Member | Tip Jonathonas

    I hope at the end of 2018 FTC price get so high that I could become a millionaire with my little investment😁😁😁

  • | Tip j0k3rhd

    IM going say, End of this Year 2017…

    BTC - 15k (Due to COINBASE MADNESS)
    ETH - I would love £500
    FTC - hmmm would love to get it on 50p a coin, and STABLE at that value for a little
    STORJ - Love £1 token and stable at that

    I think 2018 is the year to go big or go home !! @jimmy24651

    I think after the xmas / new Year BINGE on investing, i think Jan onwards is going be a nice start of poeple wanting to get on board.

    Our GOAL, is to get people over to the world of FTC,

  • Regular Member | Tip BTCSEVEN

    Bitcoin exploded partially due to YouTuber’s and network marketers. Lite coin and ethereum are now being adopted by new affiliate and network companies because btc is slow and too high. If a legitimate network company or affiliate company were to take on feathercoin I believe it would increase the price to $5.00 very quickly. For instance, a company like usi-tech is selling $60 bitcoin packages to millions of people around the world. Imagine if usi-tech created $60 feather coin packages? I can nearly guarantee a long term spike if that were to happen. Just my two cents.

  • Regular Member | Tip Frozenace

    1 USD or <10 cents.

    The litebit site seems to be ok, for folks in Europe.

  • Regular Member | Tip gonnaforget

    I hope a bunch of people freak out about something, the price plummets and the difficulty goes back down to 5, and then people realize it was nothing and it goes back up and reaches a dollar.

    Incidentally, I also hope I get a pony for Christmas.

  • Regular Member | Tip Frozenace

    @gonnaforget At 2$ I’ll buy a Porsche… god knows what my wife would say.

  • Regular Member | Tip digga

    @gonnaforget Looks like you got your wish. I didn’t buy any more units myself. Now is still a good time buy imo

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    a nice (possibly temporary) spike in the feathercoin to btc ratio just happened. it makes wonder about the end of this year. just how much btc to ftc ratio will change … vs just change in the going price of btc. I wish ftc would operate independently of btc but of course i know thats just not going to happen all that quickly.

  • Regular Member | Tip digga

    @j_scheibel Yes, we hit circa £0.55, which is amazing. If FTC generates their own exchange where you can buy FTC direct for USD / GBP / EURO, that would help with the independence. That and adoption of retailers taking the coin directly.

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    @digga maybe that’s what we need? an exchange that is community operated? i’m not even sure how hat would work with fiat currencies.

  • Regular Member | Tip digga

    @j_scheibel We’ve got that already for GBP - . Bittylicious.com . But no one is buying FTC there, as the demand here seems to be low .
    More exchanges taking the coin will help it get noticed, there is a thread about this. We have quite a bit of development proposed for this year and I hope this drives some more interested in to the coin too.
    If someone builds a global fiat to FTC exchange, I’ll be glad to help trade there for GBP transactions

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    hehe, can’t resist bumping an old post, mainly cause 2018 is almost over. I’m still holding out for $1 😃

    it worth saying, the price has drifted way down from its once high of near $0.70 (it wasn’t there very long, a more conservative peek was in the mid 60s) when bitcoin was peeking as well. About a week ago it was like $0.0385 … but the interest has really picked up in the last 1 week with a couple big bumps and now… up a whole penny hehe 🙂 last I looked it was around $0.0488 .

    2+ months to go.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    Never try to predict the price of a crypto coin 😉