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Feathercoin 0.13.x - Functional requirement

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    This is a list of functions, tasks and requirements / to be considered for implementation in Feathercoin-qt 0.13.x

    Feathercoin Graphics
    Feathercoin Splashscreen
    Feathercoin Blockchain Settings , orphan blocks, forks, DNS seeder,
    Feathercoin GUI settings / text / Tips
    Feathercoin Translations
    Implement FTC Icon set
    Feathercoin documentation and build specific information
    Solo mining
    enhanced Hash Rate Compensation (eHRC)
    Send and Receive Feathercoins to URI text document
    Send and Receive Feathercoins to or graphical QRCode /zxing
    Multi-signature address
    Stealth addresses
    Feathercoin Reports
    Transaction Reports
    Coin Control
    Paper Wallet
    QR codes and ZXing
    CAlert messaging system
    Create, manage and search for Stealth Addresses
    Include Nameview an openname DNS (Dynamic Name server) addresses to the FTC Blockchain
    Sign and Verify a message given, so as to prove ownership in GUI.
    Back-up your wallet data in GUI.
    pchMessageStart : Using Feathercoin on a server with other Cryptographic currencies
    Review openssl versions
    Unit Tests
    Test network and RegTests
    Beta versions evaluation
    Build and auto test infrastructure
    Build versions expansion, Launchpad, snaps, etc.
    Smart Contracts and Contract coding and support infrastructure
    Review Orphan chains / sync fix, increase temp memory.
    Web site update.

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