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GTX 1070 Ti low hashrate

  • Regular Member | Tip vitabarab

    i try to start mining FTC on my Gigabyte 1070 Ti Gaming and i have only 480kH/s. On https://whattomine.com/ is 1070 (without Ti) listed for 1000kH/s neoscript and i expeced with Ti littlebit more not less. Can you please tell me what i do wrong?

    My RIG is:
    MB - Gigabyte Z270-Gaming K3
    CPU - Celeron 3930
    RAM 4GB Patriot DDR4 2400MHz
    GPU 1x Gigabyte 1070 Ti Gaming 8GB

    My mining software is ccminer-1.5.80-git-spmod my config is
    ccminer -N 60 -i 16 -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u <address> -p x

    GPU driver 388.71 NVidia… WHQL
    OS: Windows 10 Pro

    If i try mine VTC i have 44,6MH/s and here is hashrate correct, but with NeoScrypt i have similar rate like with my old GTX 960 (340kH/s)

    Thx for all hints

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    Try deleting the -N and -i commands from your bat file, and test it then. I don’t run either of those commands with my CCMiner batch file commands, and I have great hash rates!

    here is what I use:
    ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -t 6 -o _________ -u _______ -p _______

    the -t 6 is because I am running 6 cards.

    From my research, I have founds that the -N and -i commands are necessary for NSG Miner, but not so relevant for CCMiner…it’s worth a try…

    I would also recommend downloading MSI Afterburner, and tweaking your overclock settings. Do a little research first, and don’t overdo it…you should be fine.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Hi and welcome, interested to see what the problem is …

  • Regular Member | Tip Anema


    Try to give a shot with Gatelessgate last release. It auto adjust your settings.

  • Regular Member | Tip vitabarab

    Thanks for answers!

    I installed MSI Afterburn and my values are:
    GPU Clock 1771Mhz
    Mem Clock 3802 MHz -> this is strange, becouse this type should have 8008Mhz (if i don’t understand description wrong)

    I don’t overclock anything and have default settings still. Which clocks are save? I am sorry for this noob questions, i am beggining with that.

    Tomorrow I will try to test Gatelessgate.

  • Regular Member | Tip Anema


    Miner gonna used Driver settings I think. That is why there is no-adl and no-nvm command line for the mining software which I never been able to use it 😃 Everytime try to bypass always get errors. I am not so Pro but try to change your worksize also