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Mining FTC on YiiMP and have questions

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    I’ve been mining on YiiMP for about 3 hours now and within about 20 minutes I had 3+ FTC. All of a sudden I’m not seeing that number rise. Nothing for the past 2.5 hours. Is that because a block hasn’t been found in that time?

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    First of all welcome to the forum here 😃

    Getting some coins after a relatively short time of mining simply means, that the pool has found a block shortly after you joined the pool and your miner submitted some shares to the pool.
    As soon as the pool finds another block, you will see the number of coins on your account increase. The expected time needed to find a block is basically the percentage of hash rate the pool has from the overall network hash rate.
    The time to find a block can be a day or more sometimes. Most pools have a value ‘expected time to block’ somewhere on their statistic pages, where they do the calculation for you.
    Nevertheless finding a block is also a little lottery and the real time to find a block may be different from the actual time between blocks found by the pool

    So in summary, be patient and check your mining income after you have mined a couple of days. 😉

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