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Solo mine with Feathercond -daemon

  • I’m trying to solo mine, feathercoin daemon is running smooth and my wallet has two accounts.

    My questions is, when solo mining using featherd daomen, where my mining rewards go to, since my wallet has two accounts?

    Or do I need to specify in config.conf or with feathercoind -daemon paramenter?

    Please advise

  • Moderators

    If I remember correctly I think it goes to your “default” or first account/wallet address.

  • @acidd how can I check default in my wallet using ./feathercoin-cli ? what command?

  • Moderators

    This will return the first or “default” address that doesn’t get a name…so you specify two blank quotes
    feathercoin-cli getaccountaddress ""

  • @acidd ok thanks but how do I mine directly with daemon instead of any pool? I’m running full node. When I connect miner with port it returns json empty response error.

    How one can mine solo using one’s own daemon node?

  • Moderators

    You need to use the RPC port to connect a miner, which is 9337.
    In addition you need to configure

    rpcpassword= <a long sequence of characers> ( This is the password to use for the miner)
    rpcuser= < a name> (this is the user to use for the miner)
    rpcallowip= <ipaddress of the miner> (can be if the miner is on the same host as the wallet

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