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How to debug feathercoind node while mining

  • | Tip goodthebest

    When we are solo mining miners are connected to daemon node, what is the command line in feathercoin-cli to debug and see how miners are performing.

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    You should check your mining software …ie nsgminer or ccminer…whatever you are using thats where you’ll be able to see the performance of your mining.

    With feathercoin-cli you can do basic ones like

    “Getinfo” or “getblockchaininfo”

    What are you looking for exactly ?

  • | Tip goodthebest

    @AcidD Yes, we can debug from nsgminer or ccminer but they are client side. Is there a way we can check node side if blocks are being submitted etc.?

  • | Tip goodthebest

    Answering my own question in case of linux

    for detailed debug report, in feathercoin.conf, there should be debug=1

    run this command for real time debug,. to exit, Ctrl + C
    tail -f ~/.feathercoin/debug.log