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Hello. what should I be entering as the fee for sending coins to other wallets?

  • newbies

    I’m trying to move 304 FTCs from an android phone with the Feather Coin Wallet 2 app to another of the same app on a different phone. I’ve also tried moving it to the desktop FTC .13 wallet.

    Each time I only get the ‘payment has not been transmitted yet’ message. The transfer worked however when sending a tip to the wallet app tip address, hmm.

    Anyway what could I be possibly be doing wrong? I am assuming it is the fee, because sending from Desktop to Mobile the fee is calculated based on the amount being moved while vice versa, the fee remains at .01 FTC.

  • Moderators

    Probably your transaction is to large, based on the number of inputs to create the transaction.

    Try splitting the amount in a number of smaller transactions.


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