Supported Feathercoin client versions: Current production Version: 0.16.1.

Old Production Version: 0.16

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New version of p2pool is required, if feathercoind is updated to version 0.16

  • Moderators

    With feathercoind version 0.16 several changes and improvements have been implemented.
    Two of these changes influence the functionalities of p2pool based mining pools:

    • new pchMessageStart string has been implemented
    • syntax for feathercoin rpc calls has changed

    I have created a new release of p2ool to adapt the code to these changes.

    If implementing or updating feathercoind and p2pool please use the following combinations of code only:

    • feathercoind v.016 / p2pool v16
    • feathercoind v0.13 and older /pool v15

    other combinations of the software will not work

    Download the v16 release on github or clone the feathercoind_v0.16 branch there.