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electrum wallet (ubuntu) install not possible without "sudo" ?!

  • | Tip peschu


    after I created my electrum server on my azure vm I wanted to install the electrum wallet on ubuntu 16.04

    I used the steps written here:

    But it does not seem work without “sudo”. I tried several ways including the use of virtualenv etc. I always end up with errors about permissions.

    Installation using “sudo” just works fine. And does not seem to be a problem from a security perspective compared to an install without using sudo!? Please tell me if I’m wrong. The wallets are located in “~/.local/share/electrum-ftc/wallets” & readonly for the owner. So I think this is fine if you are the only one with sudo/root access to this machine.

    One thing I recognized: If you create a QR Code for your seed and save it as png it is stored readable to everyone… This file should be deleted anyway, but if stored it should use permissions like 400 or 600 (only read-/writeable by owner)!?

    If someone knows a way to install the wallet without user right elevation I would really like to hear/see it.

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